Philips 3210S

I just bought a Philips 3210S cd-rw. On the drive tray it says 3200 series. But I can’t find any info on it anywere on the web!! Philips site doesn’t even have anything about it. About the only thing I can find about it is that it is supported by CloneCD. anyone know anything about this cd-rw? is it brand new? old? :confused:

3210 series

On top of the writer there should be a sticker with the word PHILIPS on it and also an FCC ID name.

Usually this name is like FCC ID EEN CDDXXXX

where XXXX is the model number.

There’s also a manufacturing date on the sticker

Tehy must have just added info on their site because i did a search for 3210 and came up with nothing. but they still have no info onit. it must be brand new.

I don’t know if you wanted the FCC ID but here it is: JBQCDR025 January 2002, ver. 3.40