Philips 2010 or 2412? need help PLZ

I have had a philips 3610 for many years. And it was a kick ass burner, burned everything i put into it. But it is now dead and im looking to buy a new burner.

Question I have is is either of the new philips burners any good? Will either burn SD 2.5x or higher. I would like to buy a good burner and lean towards philips due to years of perfect use.

And if they do suck now could you give me a breif reason why and point me the way to a better burner?

Thanks in advance for your help!!


this is all on elby. however, both philips will not do 2.51 or up, according to reports. im using the 2010, and it’s pretty sweet. i havent gotten a 2.51 game yet, so i cant tell you if AWS will allow it to write one or not.