Philips 16x DVD-R spindles

Just thought I’d pass this info along. 50 disc spindles of the above media now available at Super Media Store. By all accounts on the web, these discs carry the MCC03RG20 media code and are most likely made by CMC Magnetics.

Interesting, thx for the info.

Dvd market is strange,
Philips possesses his own technology and stamper (PhilipsC16 for 16x dvd). why they don’t use it instead using MCC ?
Same for fujilfilm which use prodisc and Taiyo yuden dye.

Market cost availability purposes .There many Fuji’s under fujifilm MID but hard to find everywhere. Also stand for Philips,not all made by CMC

PHILIPSC16 is DVD+R. This is topic is 16x DVD-R.

Maybe the real question is, “why do they sell DVD-R media?” (At the same time, they want to kill -R format :slight_smile: ). It seems that the DVD marketing world is now so complicated; I doubt if anyone really knows what gives the best long term profit for the company.

There were times we thought Pioneer would never support +R. Now they support autobitsetting for +R DL media. Philips selling MCC code media isn’t anything weird compared to all such things.

It is MCC code media. CMC just manufactures it… (MMC03RG20 = Mitsubishi)

All 16x media which is currently on the market is using the MCC code and manufactured either by cmc or prodisc. Ritek 16x does not go into mass production till the end of may as several mainstream drives dont recognise the ritek code.

RitekF1 and Ritek R04 (+r)?

I have also seen
Sony16 (or something like that)

dont forget tth02

but none of these discs are in mass production. Only sample shipments have been made for several brands.

TYG03 seems to be widely available now…

“TYG03 seems to be widely available now…”

really as what brand?

Unbranded spindles available online in the US/Canada and Europe. Also available in Japan/Asia as That’s 16x DVD-R.

How about as TY?

Ricohjpnr03 ??

Here spindle of 10 discs are CMC MAG-AM3 -Costs 7 euro