Philips 16x DVD+R or 16 DVD-R - Good Quality?

Hi guys,

I was just wondering if anyone here had any knowledge or experience with Philips branded 16x DVD+R or 16x DVD-R? Does anyone know the media code for either of these? The reason I ask, is because currently Circuit City here in the US has a 50 pack of either +R or -R on sale for $11.99 out the door (no rebates, etc.) I have TY for the important stuff, but I need some descent quality media for other burning. Here are the links:

Philips 16x DVD+R:

Philips 16x DVD-R:

What do you guys think? Is it worth buying? Thanks.


At one point in time, Philips 16x media was MCC (by CMC), but now I think it’s all CMC’s own codes. That said, I’d pick the -R over the +R as CMC MAG.AM3 is pretty solid media, but CMC MAG M01… :Z

IIRC some of the Philips media can be Infomedia, Moser Baer or Ritek too.

I have some Philips 16x +R. They are reasonably good. They work well in several DVD players and for PS2 backups.

According many opinion these discs are better than Verbatim’s ones (CMC too)

It looks like these are specifically MCC media code, which it says on the site. I don’t know if the ones from the store here in the states are necessarily that code. Anyone else bought these from here in the states and know their codes? Thanks.


Gary. Thanks for the tip. I can probably those discs locally.

Unfortunately, the Philips disks that are MCCs are only available in Europe. In the states it’s mostly AM3+M01.

I remember seeing the Philips 16x discs with the old packaging (= MCC) for sale on Meritline. They’ve since updated the pics and MID description.

Well, I just found out from another person that the DVD+R at Circuit City are media code CMC MAG.M01 and the DVD-R at Circuit City are media code CMC MAG.AM3

That takes care of that…


FWIW, I purchased some 25 packs off Newegg some time ago, and they were M01/AM3.

The M01 was next to worthless, while the AM3 was decent. Nothing at all wrong with the AM3 for the price. Here’s a few scans:

Yeah, after reading through the various threads here, I figured the AM3 was probably worth it. I was just about to go and get it, when I learned about the deal that Office Max is having on Verbatim 16x media. They have it for $12.99, so I decided to get the -Rs from them for $1 more than the Phillips. The Verbatim’s have the media code of MCC03RG20, which I am happy with :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the replies.


Nothing wrong with the Verbatim -R, but the +R (MCC 004) usually performs substantially better… Still can’t go wrong with either one, both will generally perform better than either of the Philips branded discs you mentioned.