Philips 16x DVD-R Inkjet

Has anyone gotten any of these before?

I am thinking CMC MAG.AM3 but just thought I would check.

I might grab them anyway seeing the new Samsung 203b burns them pretty well

According to , they could be alot of things including MCC :slight_smile:

Why is it : Not for Retail Sale ? :confused:

Strange indeed - may be AM3, but there’s no way I could be sure :frowning:

LOL @ mega, always buying new media :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t remember if those are Prodisc? They could be anything like Arachne said. If they’re dirt cheap it’s time to do the CDfreaks thing and buy them :stuck_out_tongue:


Besides, whatever it is, surely Philips had the good sense to use higher quality media for printables. That’s been my experience with LS and printable media so far.

I’m not so lucky. I ordered some 1X-52X Verbatim Data Life Plus Super AZO Inkjet Printable CD-R’s from Meritline hoping for MIT and received MII.

It’s what a proper Freak would do :iagree:

My bet would be CMC as well. Either that or Infomedia (or are the +Rs the Infomedia ones…I forget). :slight_smile:

watches his theory fly out of the window :doh:

At least he could be sure that they were made in Taiwan. That might help the quality factor a little. :rolleyes: