Philips 1660 experience



I thought I should prefer the newest drive. The shop offered parallel the 1628.
Fw 1.3 seems not to support PIE errors in CD-DVD speed and probe2.
No options in Nero 6 and 7 to (de)activate SB. In CD-DVD speed (all versions)
SB is not ticked for computer Asus A8N MB with Atlon Toledo48. On older P4 machiche it is ticked, but Nero does not show switch on/off options either.
I detected, that I can change SB however with QSuite 2.1. The help file of QS however seems not to match at all with what I see.
Scan results of CD speed with Sony 720 are mostly fair. Currently I use the Nec4550 as measure, because the results are utmost critical. Dirty MCC 004 I scan between 070 and 097 with 4x burning speed !!! At higher speed the scan results are often 0.
Any contributions are welcome.


I need to correct my recent statement now:
After setting to SB and several burns of MCC 004, PIF errors reduce to about low 125 at a speed now of 16x; maybe 4x was not the best choice.


Install the Nero OEM version that came with the DVD writer, and the Solidburn options should appear. Then you can update back up to the latest version of Nero and the options should still be there.


This year I have already spent several days (!) with nero7-nero6-InCD-etc. Not already again - I need to wait more months to get relaxed again. :frowning:
With Qsuite I can at least make sure, that SB is on. The only problem is the missing PIF scan option.
Btw: I upgraded now from fw 1.03 to 1.04 and found no learned disks any more displayed in Qsuite. Is it just a display problem or need I to re-learn again several discs to get my recent burn quality? Does somebody know?