Philips 1640p won't detect most Ritek G04?


my new-ish 1640p drive won’t detect most of the 9 Ritek G04 DVD-Rs i have here. It burned one just fine a few days ago (it even plays well on other drives), but now the discs usually aren’t detected at all (drive light goes out after a few attempts).

The few times it does detect them, they are unusuable; Qscan fails scanning usually straight away, or sometimes scans OK for ~100secs, then fails (it complains about incompatible firmware, but that’s just the wrong error message for a scan error - it scans other media just fine) - and Nero fails burns as soon as it tries to write (even in simulation), leaving discs blank.

I’ve tried P2.4, P2.5, and the latest BenQ firmwares, no change. I even tried flashing in Safe Mode (although I’m pretty sure that’s just a myth - the flashers verify what they’ve written; if the write failed they would pick it up).

However, a couple of times when flashing, it failed early in the flash, and I had to retry (it then succeeded). Might be related.

Has anyone seen this before with this media or drive? I also have one Datasafe disc it never detects, but I’m also burning a 2.4x DVD+R (CMC MAG R01) successfully right now, and it’s still reading CDs and DVDs OK …

RMA time, flash related problem, or bad batch of discs?

Spoke too soon, the 2.4x write verified very slowly (around ~1meg/sec), and is unreadable on my two drives. And although it will still read DVDs, a lot of burned ones that worked before are reading badly, and occasionally even failing. Looks like the drive is dead.

What’s worrying is that all this happened after I installed the RPC1 patch released yesterday (see my sig). Might just be a coincidence - anybody else had success with the patch?

You might try the dos based flasher and a boot disc to erase the firmware freakout problem. BenQ’s official L9 flasher has also saved a few drives from this issue.
But, I think that yours may be damaged enough that you’ll need the dos-flash method.

Hmm, didn’t help.

What would cause the firmware freakout anyway? The flashers verify what they write, right, so that shouldn’t be it. I believe some other drives (Liteons?) store calibration data - if the BenQ based drives do too, and if that gets trashed somehow, then that would explain it.

I’ll give the BenQ L9 a try, but I suspect it’s the drive…

Nope, L9 didn’t help either.

i’ve the same problem… ritek’s G4 and G5 don’t work! :confused:

How do they fail? Same as mine (drive won’t detect them), or during burning?

That sounds weird? what version of the drive do u have (retail/oem), i have the retail and it seems ok with both these disks under all conditions, why dont you try flashin with the retail firmware to see if that makes a diffrence?
If that dont work have u considerd the fact u might have a faulty drive? if its still under garentee take it back and swap for another 1?

Did you guys (those that had the firmware party) try the dos flash method?

lmfao thats the funniest quote ive heard! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, mine’s the retail also (1620k). I’m pretty sure the drive is dead - it’s only 2 weeks old, so getting it swapped is no problem. Pain though : ). Thanks for confirming the media should work.

What worries me is that it happened after applying the RPC1 patched fw. It might just be a coincidence, but has anybody else used it without problems?

(it’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to …)

Daniel, yep, I tried DOS quite a few times now (I once flashed P2.2 3 times in a row, just to be sure : ). No luck. Will get an RMA today.


my benq only don’t recognise blank g4/g5 discs… very strange :eek:

Ricky, interesting - others have no trouble with G04s, so unless we have a bad batch… It also doesn’t detect my last DataSafe blank (RicohJpn W11), and it has trouble detecting/reading some burned discs reliably that were fine a week ago - so I’m pretty sure it’s the drive.

Interstingly, I just flashed it with P3.0, and it now burns a +RW semi-reliably (the 2nd burn had no errors, the 1st had a couple) - before that particular disc would end up totally riddled with errors. But it hasn’t helped with the other discs : /…

Philips are already sending me a replacement. Gotta love that Philips warranty - they try to get you to take the drive back to where you bought it, but a lot of mail-order places don’t want to play ball (or charge you for testing it). If you tell them that, they’ll courier you a new (refurbished) drive first, and then ask you to courier yours back - all paid for! One reason I went with Philips (the other was the LEDs : ). What’s BenQ’s warranty like?

not bad batch for sure… cos today i bought a new philips 1640 and G4 or G5 works… but not in my original BenQ 1620… note: my philips 1640 is crossflashed for benq 1620!

Right, maybe your drive has the same problem as mine. Did the discs fail straight away, or after (cross) flashing?

ritek disks only fails only in my original benq… not in the philips converted to benq!