Philips 1640p and ritek g05, problem!

I goy my philips about a week ago and it seems to be burning fine on the ritek g05 disks i have available. Infact i cant see any problem at all with my drive its just the disks i think as every scan of the disks quality has shown to be very good as shown:

Now correct me if im wrong but that disk should play perfect in my standalone dvd panasoinc as every other disk has in it untill now!
Every good burn on this media just syops and pauses in my dvd player after a certain while!
Can some body tell me if this is the media causeing this incompatibility? as i have always been told that dvd players dont like ritek dies.

cheers every1! :slight_smile:

Scan is in deed very good… but try to scan at 8x…

There u go! so what do u think the problem is with the disks not playing in my standalone? U think its just that its crap media?

Could you post a screenshot of the transfer rate test to see if theirs anything unusual in that.

there u go!

Hmm… looks fine, well you got me I’m afraid havent a clue why the panasonic player doesnt play it right.

On a side note do other players play the disk without problem ?

You should try to flash it with BenQ’s B7T9 FW, it is said to be much better with RITEKG05 discs.