Philips 1640

Does anyone know of a company that will shipp Philips 1640 to the United States.

Thanks Smokez1

Philips itself sell it in their webstore:

$119.99…? :eek: Expensive. Shipping is free though.

You will get 2 BenQ´s 1620pro and two sixpack of beer for same money… :cool:

But if you dont like beer, you can get the new BenQ 1625 LightScribe. Cash the MIR for 50-spindle quality DVD media.

thanks for info guys
1 already got the 1625 and a couple of 1620 benq’s

just like the fancy lights on the philips:)

What a lucky guy… I’m jealous.


My wife and daughter get toys so i am treating myself to some new toys also.

One more question. will the new qsuite and media code speed edit work withs this drive also?

thanks again :bow:

Sorry, QSuite will not run on your Philips… :sad:

But ala42´s MCSE will. :smiley: