Philips 1640 OEM - FANTASTIC! (Thanks to all)

Just installed my Philips OEM DVDR1640P and flashed to Dangerous Brothers B7P9 firmware (drive came with P2.2). And what a drive it is! :iagree:

A huge thank you to all the users on this forum who have posted comments on this drive - I’ve read them all, and the positive comments helped me decide this is the drive for me. :bow: :bow: :bow:

Until now I’ve been using an NEC 2500 which came highly recommended. But recently, when using GOOD quality media I noticed it was reporting a lot of failed writes. (In fact, it was reporting failed verifications.) As the DVDs I create are filled with peoples special memories, I can’t afford to be writing duff discs… Anyway, through reading the various posts in the forums here it became apparent that the NEC is a crap reader, but a good writer. Still, I can’t afford to take risks. :frowning:

I considered long and hard about what replacement to buy, and the Benq 1620 / Philips 1640 were given a lot of praise. I was particularly impressed by the firmware available from the companies rather than from hackers. Everyone here on the Benq/Philips forum has heaped praise on these burners, especially on their ability to read damaged discs.

So I bought the OEM Philips. I was expecting a nice drive with lots of LEDs, but the one I received is just like the Benq. It installed with no problems and was cross-flashed to Benq 1620 B7P9 in seconds. And best of all it read a ‘damaged’ disc burned by the NEC is no time at all! The NEC, even with the riplock removed, is very slow at reading, but the Benq is so fast (I was expecting slow, having read various posts).

And this drive is QUIET, so quiet, compared with the NEC. :bigsmile:


Hi Legs2sag,
Great choice, :iagree: i’ve got the same combination (1640K @ B7P9)

Enjoy burning! :bigsmile:


Great choice, i’ve got the same combination (1640K @ B7P9)

That makes 3 of us! :smiley:

I am glad that you’ve seen the light and have been converted from the dark side (I mean NEC) - he hee! :bigsmile:

Now that I’ve tested the new drive I really don’t like the NEC (I’ll keep it for testing purposes, though). The Benq does everything so much better AND it doesn’t require hacked firmware to do what it should have done out of the box.

From a 12x CDR burner to a black version of the Philips OEM drive PBDV1640B crossflashed to Benq B7P9, not a bad upgrade :).