Philips 1640 - fw P3.6 question

I recentlu bought a DVD-Witer (again !) : a Philips 1640P. I tried to flash it to P3.6. but the writer is connected by an add-in controller : a Qtec IDE133 controller connected to PCI slot. The Philips updater fails to see the drive :Z , but the Benqcvt.exe does see the drive.
BTW I have now firware P3.5 in the drive and it rocks !! Very good quality burns and OK burning times :wink: :wink:

So iโ€™m looking for the CVT file for version P3.6 to be able to flash te drive using the exelent Benqcvt.exe tool.


Havenโ€™t seen one around thats not to say their isnt one but I think it would be faster to hook the drive up to the intergrated IDE controller and flash P3.6 and put it back on the PCI IDE controller then waiting for a cvt of 3.6 to appear if their isnt one out there.