Philips 1640 FW 3.2 vs. Ricoh DVD+R DL 2,4x (Inverse Stack Mediacode RICOHJPN-D00-01)


I`ve tried today night a burn with DVDDecrypter and got a I/O Error of the Drive.

I flashed the 3.2 Firmware before. After the I/O Error i rode in the attached PDF File that the Ricoh Media isnt listed with “approved” Writestrategy/Writespeed :sad:

Thats my question: Did anyone wrote successfully this Media? Which FW did you used?

Is the I/O Error related to the “unofficial” Firmware or is it just a simply write error?


I created from my DVD a ISO with Decrypter and loaded the *.mds File, checked writespeed 2.4x and clicked on “Write”. After 10 minutes i got the I/O Error.

Some said this could be a problem about the Layerbreak?

If its only a problem with the FW, does anyone know when Philips fix this? The “official” 3.0 is more than overdue :bigsmile:

i got the same problem as you, but with another drive.
i think it is the layer break thing.
anyway the DL disc plays back OK.

@raygay: Which drive do you use?

When the MessageBox comes up with the Error Message i was able to select between “Cancel” and “Retry”. I have clicked “Retry” and the Write Error Counter within Decrypter speeds up to ~480 :eek:

I dont want to try an additional burn to get another coaster :confused:

Did someone get success with this Media with an BenQ 1620?

Hardware should be the same of the 2 drives (except front / FW).


I had success with the disc.


No error at writing time, scan is not too nice at the layer break, but plays flawlessly in standalone player.


Seems that it needs to be fixed in the Philips FW :rolleyes: (hopefully)

Damn… :frowning:

Got this Error now on a Verbaim... tried buring with 4x :sad:

Seems that 3.2 is crap… at least with my System / burner :confused:


Update. Now i have tried this way:

  • Using DVDFab with Complete Disc Mode
  • burning with CopyToDVD (current release)

DVD isnt running on my primary Standalone (Cyberhome ADL-528) but works on my Secondary (Cyberhome CH-402).

Maybe there is something wrong with Decrypter ISO / MDS File.

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@Jan70: Thx for fixing :smiley: