Philips 1631 Benq change Nero 5.5 won't see as DVD burner

I’m using Nero 5.5 and got a Dell with what they called a Philips DVD-+RW1631.

The Nero infotool with 5.5 saw it as a DVD recorder but Nero Burning Rom itself didn’t see it.

I read about changing the firmware so that it appears as a Benq burner and did so (thanks to “Stoopid”) and the change works, as everything now sees it as a Benq 1620 with the B7L9 firmware revision. But Nero still won’t see the drive. (The Sonic software that came with the Dell has no problem but it’s crap software.)

Is this just a case of needing version 6 of Nero?

I’ve tried to search and I apologize if this was discussed somewhere and I missed it. :bow:


Upgrade Nero and all your problems will be solved…well the problem of recognizing the BenQ DVD burner in Nero at least :wink: