Philips 1628p1

I just bought a new pc and the dvd writer is the philips 1628p1 should I keep this drive? It says it has solidburn whatever that is. How good is this drive? I would really appreciate any advice as I know nothing regarding this drive.

How do I go about updating to the latest FW? search results for the drive, I remember some of the threads do say which way to go as I have the same drive.

Sorry to be really thick but can someone give me a link so I can crossflash my drive to a Benq 1640 and give me a step by step guide. Sorry for the inconvenience, its just that I have NOT done anything lke this before and I do not want to mess my new drive up.

Thanks Jayc30 for your help :slight_smile:

I have downloaded Benq FW BSLB Do I just have to install it to my Philips?

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Crossflashing your drive will void your warranty, so you should first check that your drive works fine using the Philips firmware. Latest firmware is Q2.2, available here.

I have got BQFlasher and BenQ BSLB FW What do I do know?

Thankyou for any help.

if you want to flash: put bqflasher, the api dll and the firmware executable in one directory, start bqflasher, select your philips writer, select the firmware and klick flash.
the dll must be in the same folder, firmware can also be anywhere else.

What is the api dll

sorry, i meant aspiā€¦ get it here:

Thankyou chokO