Philips 1628 = BenQ 1640?

I’m after a new DVD burner and I’m generally impressed with the reviews of the BenQ 1640. But BenQ drives don’t seem to be as widely available in the UK as some other makes. I’ve seen a very good price for the Philips 1628. Can anyone confirm that the Philips 1628 is the same machine as the BenQ 1640? I’ve seen it suggested in this thread, but nobody confirmed it.

Thanks for your help.

The Philips 1628 & 1648 are internally identical to the BenQ 1640, meaning the bezel and firmware is the only thing that is different.

Great news, and amazingly quick too. Thanks.

From what I’ve read here, I believe I can install the BenQ firmware on the Philips drive. Is that right?
(Then the only difference is the bezel, and I think I can live with that! :slight_smile: )

As stated by Jan70, the drives are the same. Although my signature says I have 3 BenQ 1640s, they are actually Philips 1628 drives cross-flashed to BenQs.

I got mine from ebuyer. Super cheap, super-reliable.


This really is an amazing place in terms of the speed and quality of support. Thanks guys! (Or girls?)

I have used some of BenQs’ utilities with my philips 1628. Haven’t cross flashed it yet as I am still readoing through the firmware threads to decide which firmware version is best.

Ah, firmware.

Well, the latest (BSOB) works well for me. In fact, they have all worked well, so I have no complaints.

The philips FW works well with me so I kept it!!

The only thing with Philips is that they don’t so PIF scans, other than that I have no complaints. The only options I have is to cross flash the Philips or fit my BenQ DVD ROM and I have read ROMs shouldn’t be used for scanning. Though I will admit I am new to scanning, my NEC wouldn’t do it at all though it is my favourite burner, so I may be confused over what is being said on scanining.

I’ve seen a very good price for the Philips 1628

Stewart, how good is the price?

Although the 1640s seem to be becoming less available, probably due to the recent release of the 1650/55s, if you can track some down they can be less than £30.

Check this out. (type benq in search)

Another option would be to wait until the 20th, at which time the new 1650 should be in the UK (see 1650 threads for info / reviews etc). The interesting thing is that this is also quoted at about £30.

Stewart, how good is the price?
GBP 26.09 including VAT from It’s actually the cheapest DVD writer they stock, which seems a bit odd given how everyone says what a good drive it is.

When I placed the order yesterday, it was the last one they had in stock. But their system still says they have 1 in stock. So either that one’s got my name on it - in which case HANDS OFF!! - or you might need to move fast to snap it up.

Got a 1628 OEM here flashed to a 1640, running nicely. The 1628 is a steal especially considering its a Benq, paid about ~£24 for mine a coupla months ago.

Newbie question warning:
When cross flashing my Philips do I just download the BenQ firmware and use it? I ask because my last flashing was an NEC with modded firmware and so needed a seperate programme. I did read the sticky but am still a little confused.

download BQFlasher and the nero aspi, put both files into the same diretory. then start bqflasher, select the benq firmware and flash.

That’s where I got confused the thread I read mentioned a .cvt file where as BenQ are .exe. Which is why I didn’t read the BQflasher thread, my bad I should have done. I shall read through that one later. Thanks.