Philips 1208K

Has anyone got any experience with the Philips 1208K drive? Firstly whats it’s reading of SD1/2 Discs like in CloneCD? Secondly, has anyone tried this drive with it’s latest firmware for Seamless Link capability? This feature is not present in the original drive going by Philips feature list, however the firmware apparently adds Seamless Link which I’ve not seen before. Just wondering if the implementation was as good as what the Acer drives can do (shipped with S-L)…

im also intrested in this drive

u gettin one from dabs or sommet??

Well uh… yes :wink:
This drive whilst boasting an interesting feature set and alot of people talk about getting philips hardware inconjunction with SD2 copying, you would think Philips drives would be getting their fare share of reviews. However i guess 12x is quite poor and is a major factor for the majority of readers. HAving missed the 16x wave and possibly even the 20x writer wave, you’d be expecting Philips to brighten up our days pretty soon or have I missed something? :D:D:D:D

do u know were the offical page for this drive is were u can get the firmware upgrade that conatins seemless link??

looked on the philips page and couldnt see anything, but this drive looks kinda sweet :slight_smile:

is this philips just a repackaged acer drive it looks like it if so this is intresting

gives you its performance and info about seamless link

No, i think the Acer drive is packaged on the Philips! It seems alot of manufacturers have in the past used Philips hardware (whether specific components or repackaging wasnt mentioned). This is what made me think twice about the Acer drive using Philips hardware when i saw that the Acer boasted S-L while the Philips didnt, now it seems the philips drive was capable, but why wasnt it there from the start ? nevermind its their now, but you’d expect Philips would be marketting it as a 1208K feature and not just as a very discreet point of including it in the latest firmware. Either way, whether they marketted it or not, I still crave a review. The only other drive atm is the Plextor and im hoping to god that firmware comes sooner rather than later :wink:

just ordered the philips from dabs and got the latest firmware from

should be better than me old 2x writer that is now bust :slight_smile: