Philippine officials destroy pirated CDs



I just posted the article Philippine officials destroy pirated CDs.

Asia is still one of the continents that suffers from high piracy levels. And in order to not hurt international relations with countries that produce software and entertainment (USA, Europe), The…

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actually, anti-piracy in the philippines isn’t complete. they go after music and vcd’s and playstation cds. they don’t go after pc warez. you’ll see big shops that say they don’t have playstation games, yet have on display pc softwarez and gamez available for around $2 apiece. pirated music cd’s are selected destroyed as well. mp3 cds aren’t destroyed, whereas pirated audio cds are. actually it all depends on what cut a cop can get. if he gets plenty, everyong is happy, if not, then pirate shops are prosecuted, resulting in a bribe, some cd’s confiscated, and the rest sold again.