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hello everybody
I recently brought a new dvd player which supports almost all the compression formats … I don’t think it supports xvid compression formats .

The problem is I have lots of files … with .divx an .avi file extensions on my pc . how could I burn them using softwares like nero … so that i may be able to play them in my dvd player??

I encountered that if we plan to make a video dvd disc …then it starts converting the files into mpeg2 format , but i don’t want to lose my divx format an it also takes pretty long time.

Can i directly burn the .divx files as a data dvd disc an … play it in my dvd player ???

some one please help !!!

~thanks in advance

Welcome to CD Freaks, [B][I]dhiru[/I][/B] :slight_smile:

Looking at the on-line manual, I am sure your player will play your other files with an .avi file extension, as long as they have used the XviD codec and .mp3 for the audio. The files ending in .divx should certainly play.

As you are assuming, you do need to burn these files as ‘Data’ rather than ‘DVD-Video’; otherwise the program you are using (which sounds like Nero) will try and convert them. There is a template in Nero specifically for data.

Let us know how you get on… :slight_smile:

Many thnaxx sir …:slight_smile:

But i have verified with the Philips support . I think my player does not support the xvid compression format .Its on the leaflet that it jst supports mpeg 1 ,mpeg2 , divx 3.x ,divx 4.x, divx 5.x, divx 6.0.

In nero while trying to burn the .avi files as DVD VIDEO disc … it is trying to convert them to mpeg 2 compressed format with .vob .bup an .ifo file extensions. But i don’t want to loose the divx quality of my files.

Now since I don’t know whether my .avi files are xvid coded or divx coded i tried Divx Converter software which changed all my .avi files to .divx files.

:confused: Now if i burn these .divx files as data dvd disc will it work (since i don’t want to loose my divx quality to mpeg 2 coding which is done if we burn as a DVD VIDEO disc …???

Personally I would not listen to Philips support and try the non-DivX files out myself. You might be surprised. :wink:

If you have already converted the XviDs to DivX then yes; burning the files to DVD using the Nero ‘Data’ template will not result in them being re-encoded to DVD-Video (.ifo, .bup, .vob etc).

For the future, if you don’t know what are the encoding characteristics of a file, then you can download and use Gspot (version 2.70a from here). Drag and drop the file onto the Gspot window and it will tell you lots of useful info about the file.

Another useful program is MPEG4 Modifier (from here), which will allow you to alter the ‘User Data’ in the file. You might even try changing the ‘User data’ of the XviD encodings that you have, to the same as your DivX files that do play; and see whether they play then :wink:

Many Many Thanx… sir :)!

Really found ur information very useful…

No problem - please let us know if you are successful.