The remote does not respond anymore. I jiggled the batteries and even put fresh ones in but it didn’t work. I moved it recently as it didn’t work very well were I moved it (with cable box setup) so decided to moved it back to my desk (without cable box setup) It worked okay without the cable box. The Guide came through but sometimes it disappears.
I found this unit slow to respond when pressing the buttons on the remote.
Now that I’ve moved it and reset everyting, to remote does not respond at all. When it scans all the channels etc., I can hit ‘ok’ on the unit to proceed but once its done, I need to hit ‘system’ on the remote but it just won’t work.
I left it for a day and came back to it as I had lost all patience. I jiggled the batteries again and this time it worked. I then decided to push my luck and updated the firmware and now have the same problem. The remote will not respond.

Has this happend to anyone and what else can I do to get this thing working?
I’m so disappointed. Suggestions! Thx

i bought my unit refurbished somewhere online and it has all the same problems that everybody else has and we also have a problem with our remote just like you. we had bought another remote from e bay and it was fine but maybe because it was unplugged for a time being but the old remote would not work and the new one would. then as we were trying to program recordings on the tv guide trying to go ahead more than a day the remote doesn’t seem to work. being refurbished my serial # is scratched and phillips wont even talk to me but thats life right . what do we do

I suggest buying a decent programmable remote like a One-For-All or maybe a Pronto