Phase II - Media Scans From Lite-On 1693s and NEC 3500




Finally got the speed thing worked out thanks to CodeKing-

The first media is going to be the Taiyo Yuden 8x -R TYG02

LiteOn on top - NEC 3500 below

LiteOn gets this one-



Next is the Tayio Yuden 8x +R T02

LiteOn top and NEC below

Again - Looks like LiteOn takes this one too-



Now onto the Verbatim 8x -R MCC02RG20

LiteOn top and NEC below

NEC gets the nod on this one-



Next the Verbatim 8x +R MCC003

LiteOn top - NEC below

NEC seems to get this one too - however look at the errors for both - ?



Next is the Verbatim 16x -R MCC 03RG20

LiteOn top - NEC below

No errors on the LiteOn and errors on the NEC - you determine



Next is the Maxell 8x -R MXLRG03

LiteOn top and NEC below

The LiteOn gets the nod on this one



And last is the Ritek 8x -R G05

LiteOn top and NEC below

This one goes to the NEC


I am far for impressed with the results of both drives


Oops, it sounds strange that MCC003 gives such as bad burn on both drive.

What is the burning speed?


What firmware are you using on the 3500A? Stock or modified? On a bad burn, I don’t think my 3500A ever produced those poor results on the Taiyo Yudens. Ditto on the question about burning speed.



The burns were done in CD-DVD Speed 3.80 “Creat Disc” and run at maximum to reflect the burners ability to burn at the firmware selected speeds.

The 3500 firmware is shown in signature (3.18)



MIke, are you burning this stuff at the rated speed or are you letting the software go to max for burning? These NEC burns do not look like what I get or what others have and you have the same firmware I have. I would almost want to see what your test discs look like on my 812S. If these burns are at 8X (for most) either your NEC is below par, mine is above, or our Liteons are reading very differently. Wonder what’s up. :confused:


Oo…3.18…haven’t heard of that one yet… :wink: I reckoned you meant 2.18, which I failed to see in your signature.

chas0039, retail 1693S for $51.99 shipped at NE, I’m hoping for another $1.99 drop. :slight_smile:


I spotted it but I’ll probably pass. Based on my scoring system, every other drive I own, other than the Pioneer, burns TYG02 with PIF totals well under 500 and PIE totals under 75000. The 1693 seems to have too high a PIE total and doesn’t get close to the PIF totals I usually see (under 100). It is a decent drive but it doesn’t add anything to my system now that I have the 109 for ripping. My next logical addition would be a Plextor Premium CD burner. I spotted a Plextor 712 for $49 but it seems to have problems with TYG02 as well. Oh well, come on NEC 4550!


I just spotted some scans with a 1673 which confirm that there is something going on here, either burn speed or scanning. This is what I would have expected.


From what I am seeing here Mike’s LiteOn is working as expected but his 3500 is producing some awful burns. Since most of media types are burned “OK” by one or the other of the drives I think you can rule out bad batches.
Those TY burns on the 3500 are not good. Are they at 16x on the 3500 Mike?

Here is what “good” TY burns should look like.

  1. BenQ 1620 B7V9 @ 8x
  2. Mad Dog MD-16XDVD9 2.FD @ 8x



OK - Maybe I am confused here-

I read that for you to get a good comparison between burners - that you set CD-DVD Speed to “Maximum” speed - so that the firmware within the specific drive would burn the media at the firmwares speed setting (which is exactly what I did in the above Kprobes)-

I think that I am now getting the message from you to set the speed to the rated speed of the media - and my question is - would not that then skew the results?

Please enlighten me - as I want to get the very best and reliable results-




PX-712A burns TYGO2 @8x very well. However I read Plextor Premium is still above other Plextor DVD Burners in terms of cd burning.

Mike, for a fair comparison, imo, burn the media at the same speed.


i would say if your testing firmware then yes set it to max, but when testing media like this people usualy burn at the rated speed.

also if you could do a transfer rate test it might show a spike where your getting the high pif.


Not here (your scan). 139,000 PIE errors is way beyond my level of error and I can’t tell your PIF from a Plextools scan.

This is what I would expect.

Again, your Plextor is way beyond what things were like in the old days. I have just raised my standards for 16X burners and 8X media.