Phantom Virtual Drive


I have a major problem with Alcohol now. It lists as a physical drive one old virtual drive I can’t change it’s settings mount an image to it or anything but is listed in my system manager and in Alcohol. I am pretty darn sure it is from Alcohol in some way because it is an AXS … If I turn on virtual drives I get all the new ones (so say I want 3 drives and set it to 3 drives I will have 3new virtual drives + the 1 phantom), if I turn it to 0 I still have the phantom drive.

Can anybody suggest a solution to get rid of this darned virtual drive? Thanks.

Go to control panels/system/hardware/device manager, find under “SCSI and RAID controllers” the Alcohol SCSI controller from the previous version, and remove it.

All Alcohol drives will disappear. Normally this happens automatically when you uninstall alcohol, unless at the uninstallation time you still had some image mounted.

Also remove Plug and Play Bios Extension from System Devices. and if needed the Virtual Drive Drivers from the Windows/System32/Drivers Folder.

Perfect. Worked like a charm. Thank you very much for your assistance.