Phantom CD error / Burn .mdf-.mds files

Phantom CD uses the .mdf/.mds image system. I have four CD images that I rather need to burn as my original CDs are scratched to the point of disfunction. However, when I try to load one of the images in Phantom CD I get the following error:

Unable to mount image. File not accessable (sic).

It errors out if I try to burn the images as well. This happens with all four images. The program’s documentation/website was less than helpful. The official support forum is of little use since I don’t speak Taiwanese.

I’m using a Lite-On LTR-32123S with the latest firmware. WinXP Pro SP1. Latest ASPI.

So my questions are thus: How can I fix this error and burn the images? Is there some other program that supports this file format?

Thanks in advance.

Alcohol 120% can mount/burn .mds files. i’m not sure what u can do about possible errors.

If the images won’t mount then they’re probably bad. Could try alcohol which uses the same image format but it won’t help if the problem is with the images rather than the vd program.

Thanks for the quick replies. I gave Alchohol a try (had thought about it earlier, but couldn’t find a list of supported file types). It worked. Thanks so much.

What a fantastic burning prog Alcohol is. I use it and Record Now ! Exclusively for all image and dvd writing. :slight_smile: