'PgcEdit v9 - Latest updates

For those that are interested the new version 9 of PgcEdit (the free DVD IFO and Menu editing program) has finally been released.

This version has been under development for a year now and the program has been upgraded with a massive number of improvements and enhancements.

IMO it was already the best DVD structure editing program available and the new version has already won the author an award.

Some of the new highlights include a full preview with audio and a one click option to remove all irrelevant material from the DVD thereby simplifying its structure (uncalled PGCs, useless cells, useless commands, uncalled titlesets, links to void PGCs, useless menu VOBs etc).

It’s free software so if you’re interested in this type of thing check it out as it’s very highly recommended.

Full details available from the PgcEdit home page and if you’re wanting to check out the changes the ‘What’s New’ page is available here.



Version 9.1 of PgcEdit has just been released and is an important update.

I’d advise all users to upgrade as soon as possible as it fixes a couple of small problems that could have a potentially adverse affect on the navigation of the DVD.

Changelog below.



PgcEdit v9.1 released!

This is a bugfix release. Please download and install it as soon as possible, as I have fixed two bugs that can have consequences on the navigation of the DVD!

  • F. DVD -> Clear Useless Set GPRM Commands and Info -> Find Useless Set GPRM Commands were sometimes considering erroneously a GPRM as useless. Clear Useless Set GPRM Commands and DVD -> Remove Useless Stuff were therefore dangerous to use, as they sometimes cleared a useful command.
  • F. DVD -> Delete Last VTS produced an error when a PGC of the last VTS was selected when calling this function. The VTS was not properly deleted from disc.
  • F. Preview -> Automatically Start Preview Playback produced an error. The menu worked as expected though, and the bug had no consequence.
  • F. With the option “Allow tearoff menus” disabled, some entries in the main PgcEdit menu were not enabled when a DVD was loaded.
  • F. Fixed the incorrect View -> Toolbar checkmark.
  • E. Title -> Title Play Map Table: The headers of the columns no longer scroll when using the scroll bar.
  • F. A JumpSS from a VTSM to a menu in another VTS was not flagged as illegal.
  • F. PUO Editor: PgcEdit was frozen after having pasted a value in the Input Value dialog.
  • F. Trace: The trace was stopped and impossible to continue when the preview was enabled and the VOB files were missing.
  • F. Domain Stream Attributes: The new Film/Camera flag was not disabled in read-only mode.
  • F. Since the sources of PgcEdit are no longer publicly available, I’ve removed all references to the GPL license from the program.
  • F. Fixed several small bugs.

New plugin:
Hex Bit Operands by Morris/Elysium (aka M_Knox):

  • Allows display of bit operations values in hex
  • Allows display descriptive bit operands
    Note that you need PgcEdit v9.1 to use this plugin!

This excellent plugin modifies the way the commands containing bitwise operators are displayed by PgcEdit. There is an option to display the operand in hexadecimal instead of the standard decimal value, and an option to add a description of the affected bits.

For example, the command:


Set gprm(0) &=(and) 10

can be displayed as:


Set gprm(0) &=(and) 0x000A (preserve bits 1, 3)

Really useful! Thanks M_Knox!

For those that are interested, there’s a new and vastly updated PgcEdit Manual available here.

The instructions below are copied from the discussion thread at Doom9.

In preparation of version 9.2 being released soon, the help file has been updated (after 4 years!).

Please download it here. Unzip it and pop it in the “Doc” subfolder of your PgcEdit folder.

In version 9.2, you will be able to call Help with Ctrl-Shift-H

Thanks to r0lZ for this excellent program and to Wombler for his fine work, on graphics in particular. Also, many thanks to mpucoder for his permission to reproduce some of his information in the appendices.




For those that are interested version 9.2 of PgcEdit has now been released.

There are significant updates and the new manual is now available from various sources.

A new German translation has been made and the ‘Hex Operands’ plugin has been updated to version 0.8.

Full details including the new changelog are available here.


The new German version of PgcEdit 9.2 is now available from the ‘Downloads’ section of the PgcEdit homepage.

See here for details.


PgcEdit 9.3 has finally been released and can be downloaded from the PgcEdit homepage here!

It’s a very major update with many new features and there’s an extensively updated version of the manual to cover all this.

The full changelog is enormous but is available here along with details of a number of new and updated plugins.

Enjoy! :flower:


Thanks Wombler!!

[QUOTE=chef;2504196]Thanks Wombler!![/QUOTE]

You’re more than welcome.

Just by way of information we’ve discovered a minor bug in relation to deletion of domain stream attributes in this release and a new version will be on the way soon which we’re testing at the moment.

The bug causes an error box to pop up but if you close the box and retry then everything is fine so it’s more of a minor inconvenience than anything.

There are lots of great new features though in the latest version and I’d still recommend that users install this version rather than waiting for the bug fix.

The ‘Remove Useless Stuff’ function is a particularly powerful favourite of mine that I now use on every disc.