PgcEdit - Domain Stream Attributes

I’m sorry if this somewhat sounds like a dumb question (somehow, it does to me :stuck_out_tongue: ), but does changing the flags in the Domain Stream Attributes of PgcEdit actually change anything in the resulting stream output ?

E.g. if I flag the number of channels of an audio stream differently, will that in any way change the playback of that stream ? Or is it just purely information flagging that’ll be otherwise disregarded by players ?


LOL - no, it can’t change what is coded in the VOB; for that you need a transcoding app. All it does is give info about the track.

However, there is one important exception. Players are [B]supposed [/B]to use the info in the IFO over that in the VOBs. So, if you change the aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 LB (for example), the player [B]should [/B]output it in 16:9, even though the info in the VOBs is 4:3.

Have never tried to mark a DTS track as AC3, for example, to see if the player would try to decode AC3.


Yep, very common for the menus encoded as 4:3 but is displayed as 16:9 based on the IFO.

DTS track tricking as AC3 is not going to work, I don’t think, esp. for non-DTS equipped receiver.

think, if it tried to decode DTS as AC3, you might do some damage. At the very least, you’d get no sound.

And menus are most often coded as 2 groups - widescreen and [B]either [/B]P&S or LB. This is really just to incorporate how 4:3 TVs display things.