Pgc7? cannot select

Hi, I have a dvd that I want to reduce in size.
There are 9 vobs in total vts_01_0.vob through to vts_01_8.vob
I select and rip all but vts_01_0.vob in Smartripper.
When I open dvd2one and select the directory they’re in, it allows me the choice of 5 pgc’s to compress.Unfortunately the main movie is pgc7 and this is not an option, anyone got any ideas?
It should be straight forward as it’s not a dvd with episodes, it’s just the extra’s are just clips from the main movie.

Any help much appreciated.



Rip the whole dvd with dvddecrpyter and don’t delete the vts_01_0.vob now i wil work

Thanks for the suggestion, but
that doesn’t work, I tried that 1st.
It only gives 5 options to select:

Title Chapters Angles Time
1 1 1 0:00:20
2 2 1 0:06:18
3 6 1 0:04:26
4 1 1 0:01:29
5 2 1 0:04:35

However I need to select
PGC_7 (program chain) [03:32:29]

I think maybe there’s a problem that needs to be looked at.
I’ve also tried Pinnacle Instant Copy 7 and it too cannot do the
Looks like I’ll have to do it the long way with cinemacraft encoder.

Unless anyone else has any ideas???