Pff...25GB BluRay? I'll have 1000GB plz

1000GB DVD being developed

Wow, I could put all the contents of my Hard Disks into 1 1000GB DVD-MODS and still have lots of room to spare :iagree:

Unfortunately, ATM it looks like such DVDs may not be so easily written with a home DVD writer that just relies on phase/chemical changes at the writing point…

Don’t be so quick to “pfft” it. How long do you think it will be before you see 1TB discs? Answer: a hell of a long time. Two factors are playing against you. 1. Time to market from announcements like this can be in upwards of 5yrs; Just look at blueray. It was announced 4 years ago. Can you buy a bluray recorder for your PC yet? No. Only standalones overseas are available. 2. Do you really think they will introduce a 1TB disc right away? Of course not. They will “milk” it. If in 5years when we have the technology if blue ray discs are up to 100gb, then they will release 200gb discs, not 1TB ones. Then gradually they will bump it up to 300gb, 400gb, etc etc.

Finally, if you don’t believe my first point, ask any tech savy person what C3D is. It’s a company that back in 2001 had prototypes of 100gb holographic cds. and yes, I said “prototypes.” Have we seen the discs yet? Nope. The original announcement was in 1999, more than 5yrs ago and I’ve yet to see anything by them. Moral: blueray is now, 1tb discs are 10yrs off.

Oh, and read the quote from the article. Török believes that if his team can attract further funding, the first MODS disks, with a storage potential of around 250GB per layer, could be on the shelves between 2010 and 2015. So feel free to wait around until 2015. I think I’ll use DVDRs now.

I’ll get myself a 2000GB HD first (of course, for under $80)


At least it is good to know that the Blue-ray standard will be around at least as long as VHS was. :wink:

i dont need a 1Tb disc, i dont have a terabyte of porn…

Yah gotta convert all those VHS tapes you have over to DVD video, then come back and tell us you don’t have a terrabyte of porn.

oops… :stuck_out_tongue: :cool: