Pextor PX-708A Read Problem

Hello All - I have been reading this forum for quite awhile and base alot of my hardware purchasing decisions on all of your opinions. With that said, I purchased a px708a and have ripped a couple of dvds without any problems. I use the 3 second trick to get max read speed out of it (approx 8.2x peak on double layer protected dvds). One thing that I noticed while ripping Pearl Harbor The Director’s Cut, was that approx 40% throught the rip it was going at about 7.2x and must of had problems reading at that point and dropped down to 1.4x and after that only returned to the 2.0x for the remainder of the disk which was another 30 minutes to finish. My question is has anyone had this problem that if after setting it for max read speed, then it has a read problem, for whatever reason, and only returns to the 2x read? It sure would be nice if a future firmware upgrade would unlock this drive. In my opinion, that is the only problem with it right now.

That sounds like a bad disc. Since it plays at 1-2x in a player, you’ll never know if you have bad media or not. But if you’re ripping and it has problems reading, it drops to a speed that gives it the best read with the lowest error rate.

That’s not a problem with the drive. Its a problem with the disc.

Thanks for the reply bob. However, I also have a LiteOn LTD-163 which will read the same disk at 12x plus all the way through. It will slow down slightly in the hard to read areas but the speed picks right back up again. I guess my point is, specifically, that once the Plextor slows down to below 2.0x it will not return to a higher read speed. And I was curious if anyone else had noticed this.

I have the same problem with my Plextor 708A. I upgrade the firmware and it’s 2X max to read a disc. With another DVD drive, it’s OK…
Has someone know the problem ?
My Motherboard is an Asus P4C800 Deluxe and the IDE is UDMA2…


Did you use the unlock trick Beny? It’s in the FAQ:

[i]Q My Plextor PX-708A drive only reads DVD-Video discs at 2x! Can’t I make it go any faster than that?

A Yes, you can ‘unlock’ the drive by making sure the drive is empty and closed. Then press and hold the drive’s eject button for about three second until the drive’s LED flashes green three times. Release the eject button so that the drive’s tray will open. Now insert a DVD-Video disc and voila the drive reads faster. When you eject the disc or when you cut the drive’s power, the PX-708A will be reset to 2x reading again.[/i]

Thanks for reading this G@M3FR3@K. But I’m not sure you understand my point which is when the Plextor slows down in the middle of a read ie: when it changes layerson certain disks or due to a scratched disk and has a hard time reading that particular area, it might slow down to 1.4-1.9x and will only return to the 2.0x read and no more until you reset it again. I sure am glad I have the trusty LTD-163 reader to read all my dvds at an acceptable speed. For 250.00 USD it should read at least as fast as it writes without having to “trick it”. Maybe Plextor will release a firmware to correct this problem since quite a few people seem to be using the trick method.

Yes G@M3FR3@K

My plextor read at speed 7x now…

Thanks !

I have the same problem. After encountering a hard to read area, the read speed drops and never rises beyond 2x after the hard to read area has “passed”.

Hi CH3NO2, I do understand your situation. My previous reply was for Beny. I think it’s a hardware/safety issue. When the Plextor encounters a problem area it will slow down the read speed and not speed up again. Perhaps, as you mentioned, this can be improved with a firmware upgrade. I have personally not experienced the problem yet since my DVDs are all undamaged. But I agree, it would be nice if the drive would speed up again. Have you mailed Plextor with your ‘request’?