Pextor 716a complaint and or fix list

:wink: Hello, as you can see I’m new to the forums but not new to computers. I have a Plexi 716a and as such have been doing a bit of reading here in the Plextor forums. I have learned quite a bit. Apparently there is alot of brain power here, so I said to myself we should have a list here that the people from Plextor can read a get a fix or want list all in one thread. What do you think? I’ll start.
Dear Plextor

  1. In at least a few parts of Europe the Plextor 716a ships with Nero. Why do us U.S. and Canadian customers have to get what I consider a much less usefull program?
    2.Whats with the lack of the Plextor logo on the black faces in the U.S.? It’s on at least some in Europe. < I know this seems petty, but come on now I know this does not cost a dime and us enthusiasts love our “racing stickers”.

              P.S. Keep the firmware comming!

Ok it’s up to you ladies and gents now. Lets let 'em have it (constructively if possible). ; )

I guess my primary complaint would be to fix the fact that the PX-716A (well mine, anyway) has a huge issue burning CDRs. I don’t care if they’re recommended, compatible or other why is it so picky?

That’s all I have at the moment…

For the issue of bundled software, Plextor America bundles with Roxio, it’s longtime partner. Plextor Europe is a separate business unit, and bundles with Nero, the leader in the EU. I asked tech support one time about the logo on the tray. They said that the US sells to a lot of vendors like system integrators that don’t want the logo, so they don’t put them on any drives.

As far as CDs, it is picky, but if you find a brand that burns well, stick with it. That’s a given for any writer.

You should note that we get Nero Express SE, which frankly is a load of crap. The Roxio software bundle is probably equivalent or better in functionality.

Aside from the DVD Video burning support, I don’t use the bundled Nero for anything and use PlexTools instead.

I wish they’d bundled a proper version of Nero 6 instead…

He or she most likely lied to you. Its always and only money. Thats why they shipped the early “buggy” drives in the U.S and plextor Europe told them fix it first. I know that they are seperate divisions but they are part of the same corperation. I think that Plextor U.S. needs a new ceo. The one they have obviously does not give two sh… what he or she is doing to their customers and will ultimately cost them a great deal of money. If it wasn’t the U.S. ceos decision, then the people in Plextors home office are Jerks who have shown a great deal of disrespect for their U.S. consumers and should lose out to companies like BenQ and LiteOn it. We paid the extra for the “top of the line” and as such should have not had garbage shipped in the U.S. when Plextor europe had enough sense to protect their customers. THis is not meant to flame anyone but believe it or not we in the U.S. actually work for our money. I know its fashionable to hate the U.S. or to look on its people and judge us as rich, lazy morons. This of course isn’t true. We work hard and play hard and don’t deserve to be treated as second class citizens by any corperation. Plextors lax customer service in the U.S. is just one of many things that really need fixing. That is why I started this thread. I am a Plexi fan but as the 716a sits right now I don’t have the bragging rights I paid for. Remeber this drive cost DOUBLE what most of the copetition does. We paid for it and we have not got our monies worth yet. The key word being yet. I figured we could help expedite the necessary firware fixes. I feel that particulary Plextor’s U.S. branch has lost the way and needed to be shown the way a little is all. The 716a is a great dive but it is not up to Plextor standards yet. We paid for Plextor standards…

I guess I don’t feel quite so bad now. ; ) I do however find Roxio useless for anything.

What would I wish Plextor to do … Well, I can very well understand that costs matter, but taking into consideration the price we have to pay for their drives I would rather pay another ten euros a drive if quality assurance did a better job. If this were fixed, I’d be satisfied.

dvd ram read and write support is a must to be added

I’m A Newbie. Bought A Plextor Px-av100u From Tigerdirct To Try To Transfer Videocamera Pics To Dvd. I Can Get The Pic To The Desktop, But Can’t Transfer To My Dvd Burner. I Have Tried Hp Movie Writer From Same Source And Had Intermittent Success. Returned Same And Bought This Since I Have Dvd Burner On Computers (2). Neither Will Burn, Don’t Even Recognize I Have Disc In Drive. What Am I Doing Wrong?

Better writing improvements for the high speed area between 12x-16x also for
Low speed at 4x.
Reducing errors at the end of the disc.
Optimize Powerec and Autostrategy.
Supporting DVD-RAM.
With other words makin a really good firmware!

Just keep the firmware updates regular and don’t end up being like Lite On and Nec making customers wait around for F/W updates. Of course support all models for updates not just the current models. Can’t be that hard to do!! :slight_smile:

rapid fire as i have demistrated dvd ram is a easy thing to add, they can offically add it at any time but choose not to

Sure, but they’ve their tactical marketing strategies.
Why not buying a new plex model, the firmware costs actually nothing!
Are you happy now.

nop i had to do it which pisses me off bc the capability was always there, i don’t like companies holding back and not offering a product when they can… for them to make a drive with it… is one thing but they have none why not just add it and make their clients who paid double for the drive get a product thats actually worth it

and the firmware i modified was written in c# ;), was also abit cleaner then the orginal code that wasn’t c#

Many companies are goin this way not only plextor!
So it’s just a normal thing.

and thats why i don’t belive in supporting them, i rather give my money away to the poor then buy something buchered from its true protential

bd rom support

also i find the cpu usage just terriable we need higher cpu usage damn it!

(just kidding)

Just a funny guy!