Pets Pictures

This is my cat, her name is Loesje and she’s very very very lazy and afraid of mice and birds :rolleyes:

I posted a pic of myself and some of my travels, so here are some pix of my kitty “Jack Tucker.” He follows me around all day and likes to play fetch just like a dog.

  1. Pic giving his friend “Tuna” a bath
  2. Posing for the camera
  3. Doing what kitties do best (sleeping in the lap of a stuffed tiger)

Hahaha that scarf :slight_smile:

My doggies, very nice and destructive (but I love them!).

I think you missed the search fuction with the word “pets” in it cause if you didn’t you would have seen this: Pets Pictures :eek:

Oh well, won’t hurt to revive the thread. Like my doggies? :wink:

here’s my camera shy cat, Cleo


Hey Bj, this is one cute pussy cat…can I have it?

I don’t know about you but I would rather see some Real Nude Pic’s of Sexy Southerner. :bigsmile:

Me too, but, hey…you gotta entertain yourself somehow. So, do you like my doggies???

she’s not cute, bloody starting to scratch everything, needs swift kick up the rear end i think :bigsmile:

Sounds like my doggies. Look cute, very affectionate BUT very destructive. My backyard would challenge the MarsRover thingy, it has so many craters. And before anyone says that they’re probably bored…these are the most walked and pampered pooches. The white is a Jack Russell X with Staffordshire Terrier. A very…ahem…active mix.

You do know that we do have a thread on her don’t you? :confused:

My dog died 6 years ago December 29. I was serious messed up for months. I can never have another. I get way to attached. The next one would kill me.

To my lost best friend I miss you :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower:

Yes, I do…but you haven’t answered my question…do you like my doggies?
(It’s okay if you say no…) :wink:

Hey Bkf… Understand 100% I’m dreading the day that the little dog (“Peppy” in pic) passes on…he’s 11 and was my Dad’s dog. I inherited him when my Dad died of the big “C”. The white dog was purchased to become a companion to the older dog. Now I love them both and couldn’t bear the thought of losing either of them…they become family.

Vale to your doggy :flower: :flower: :flower:

What beautiful pets!

That’s a kitty I must steal, along with Stroppy’s canine friends :bigsmile:

I’ll post a pic of my own kitty in a bit (don’t have a pic on my HDD now as I forgot to copy all my pet pics from my backups, when I replaced the HDD - doh!).

And you can never have enough pet threads, IMO anyway :wink:

Awww but she’d make a lovely girlfriend for my boy (a black tom) :bigsmile:

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OK, here’s me and my boy (nine year old black tom, as mentioned) - taken awhile back: