Pets Pictures

Anyone who can, lets see your pet.

Mine is a male Jack Russell.

My gf holding him at 3mo old.

On a carpet at 7mo old.

Well…not sure if this qualifies as a ‘cross-post’ but here ya go. :wink:

cmr2003x your GF needs to floss

Eh, so does your mom, but I’m not complaining…:smiley:

It’s funny to watch my dog eat because her bottom teeth always stick out even when she has her mouth closed…think I should take another picture. Considering getting a hyper cat to keep her alert instead of just sleeping all of the time… :stuck_out_tongue:

The woofer

Surely more of you have pets, esp pple down under. C’mon, kangeroo’s count…lol

This here is Laurien . I gave her once to a (ex-) girlfriend that didn’t have space for a rabbit. She’s 3,5 years now and still living at my home (the rabbit :p).

And this here is stipje . My girlfriend is holding him/her. Stipje is only about 4 months old and living together with Laurien. (they don’t fight; I doubt the two (ex)-gf’s would get along that well ;)).

my dog eva

Allright… here are some of mine :stuck_out_tongue:

mr. zebria and ms. giraffia (just to make them rhyme with zevia :stuck_out_tongue: ). Pic taken 2002.

This is Max

This is my cat…

I have a cat … but can’t post pics. :frowning:

I’m at the university right now so I can’t post any good pics, but here are two pics that’ll give you an idea :slight_smile:

Here’s Charlie

need more dogs…here’s mine…her name is Kaita (rescued from the Dutchess Country SPCA when she was 2 - she’s now 5) :smiley: all i know is that she’s got some German Shepherd and Pit Bull in her…


I have to share a few shots with you of my very special Pet “Nova”. We have lots of Pets that are farm animals and some Native animals that have adopted us! (Might show some of those in another posting.) Locals and friends have described Nova as the most intelligent dog they have come across. We don’t have to train her to do things … she understands human conversations and responds. A dog trainer who happened to see her, estimated she had a vocabulary of around 600 -700 words whereas a smart dog has a capacity of up to 200 words.
The Brown Dog is MAX. He’s an Australian Kelpie and is the sheep dog (but a pet also)
Nova was 12 weeks old in the small photo. We got her at 10 weeks from the RSPCA. She turns 7 years in 3 weeks. She is a Blue Cattle cross something. (Or Blue Healer X is another name)
She is seen in one shot mothering 2 Orphan Lambs 5 years ago. Those lambs are still Pets in the paddock but now weigh around 75kg.


These are the two slugs we have to live with… :slight_smile:

here are a couple of good ones of my cat :slight_smile: