Petition to Clony Author!

Well, since no one has brought it up, here’s my take on this situation:

I believe the problem with Clony may reside in the fact that the programmer did not separate the interface module from the program itself, like what CloneCD’s author did. Look how successful CloneCD has become with all the different translations available now! All thanks to the Locale Editor that Olli has made available to all. With it a user is able to extract all the language codes from the program, translate them in his/her own language , test them on his program and submit them back to the author for all to use!

I thought it was a very smart idea (Olli may be a marketing genius on top of being a great programmer!) since, like Airhead pointed out, some of the early translations seemed so bad to me that I felt compelled to make my own version and submitted it to the author with success (No, it’s not the English Version :smiley: ).

Now if only Clony’s author could separate the text strings from his program in a separate file that could be translated in a similar manner, we’d soon see Russian, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese and more versions of English, French and maybe even an easier to understand German version, who knows!

So I say, let the prose artists express themselves! :slight_smile:

as per normal the message has been lost and I will repeat the post started stated is to open the program(open source) so people can help that’s all I agree great proggy but in english not perfert.even though english is meet to be a uni lang That would been great. open the proggy.

ausjim26, I didn’t quite get what you were meaning but that got me going and I downloaded the latest Clony XXL ( and lo and behold, found out it does have a language file editor :slight_smile:

I believe we will now be seeing better translations :slight_smile:

I will be cracking my knuckes at it as soon as I get some free time (Lecker lecker, like you’d say in German, nicht wahr?)

Well, the problem is that not all the strings are listed in the language editor.

I noticed that, SirDavidGuy… Well, at least it’s a start, Clony is a work in progress after all!

I agree!!an english translation would be very useful! i dont understand the german and so can only use the very basic features.

Hey I posted a similar post a while back but we had no response it was too do with the English choice of language, but still contained portions of German. Someone under this e-mail name ( that prob so now the copy protection descriptions are now in English. I know in the logbook option there is still a little german line that needs translating(keine CD im Laufwerk) no cd in the drive and obviously for when there is a CD in the drive as well. Other than some of the translations done by members of the CDFreaks team, which is mentioned in the program, it pretty stable, easier too understand. What more can you ask of the man? Give him a break, why annoy the author and stop him producing any kind of newer version in English format!

Greetz from The Diplomat :smiley:

Don’t wait for a translation or for any help with a translation from the author of clony:

people from got access to a french translation (made by someone else), but the clony author got very angry about this when he discovered this: “remove this from your site”, “code your own programm!” (he really wrote “programm”…)

Unfortunately, the clonecd forum was removed from blue-hardware, so i’m not able to find these posts again.

Maybe people there can help us out…

What about the translation here? I’m pretty sure it’s complete.

Originally posted by alexnoe
people from got access to a french translation (made by someone else), but the clony author got very angry about this when he discovered this: “remove this from your site”, “code your own programm!” (he really wrote “programm”…)

Unfortunately, the clonecd forum was removed from blue-hardware, so i’m not able to find these posts again.


It was not directly the author of Clony (BxxxxJ) but one another member of the Clony team : Crazyfacka.
He exactly wrote me the following (I am the one who translated the whole clonyxxl into french) :

"Pleas do this not again(hack clony) and ask always if you are allowd to put Clony as a downlod.
and the controls we will fix. [ note : i pointed a problem with the display of some controls in the prog]so pleas delete your french version from the internet. thx "

And later :

“yes, delete it
code your own programe!!!”

After this CDFreaks news I got a message from another team member, burni, which was much more friendly :

“I read your comment at CDFreaks…, so I must say that I´m shocked.
BJ, the coder of Clony said, that´s not the truth, every better translation ist welcome.
There´s no way for us to check the translations…, We only speak german and a little bit english!
If you have done a better translation it´s realy welcome. So please send it once more to bj…, and only to him!
Sorry once more…, from bj also!!”

Then I sended my translation to the author, but … no response.
And Clony still has half multilinguage support.
I think there will always be some problems with the Clony team (remember when they wanted people to vote for an english version and told that we cheated in the poll ?), so the best thing is to do the job ourselves like Jazcom (Steve M) is doing for the english version and I for the french one.

Why not make Steve’s site the official unofficial site for fully translated versions? If he will host your version, gowap, and the english version, and other’s submit theirs, then it will have collected quite a large number of complete translations.

If Steve is willing to do so, he can feel free to add my complete french version to his site.

Yes, having an English version would be very nice. The version that is out has some really rought English.

But there is one !
Just follow the above link given by SirDavidGuy and you will have a nice complete english version with a great and detailed help file.

Hi Guys

I see no problem with hosting the French version on the site so if I can have a copy I shall put it on their and re-do the page to suit…

Steve M (JazCom)

Theres always more than one way to skin a cat (English saying)

You can grab the french version here

Both the English and French versions are now on the site along with the latest update to the FAQ…

Steve M (JazCom)


I noticed that the faq link is not working (I think it should be and not
“FAQ last updated on 20/07/02”
Are you a time traveller ? We are “only” the 14 today…


The clonyxxl site now stands corrected thanks to my friend Gowap for pointing out my misttok (Ha Ha)…

I know time stands still for no man - but I like to keep the cpu clock a couple of days in arrears (does it itself as it dont want me to get older), so when it comes to dates well its guess work…

Not only that but dates play heavy on my bowels as does weetabix first thing in the morning (Ha Ha)…


Steve M (JazCom) warts an all…

lots of german websites have good i just use a german dictionary.i know a little now, but hell i can speak it!:confused: