Petition to Clony Author!


Due to the fact that I have been seeing a majority with the same opinion, I figured we might be able to do something as a whole. Clony is a wonderful program which aids in creating back-ups, however; there is much translation to be done, still! Clony is only Clony if there are users to praise it’s existence.

If any Moderators who are willing and/or find use to translate the lined off portion into german and edit this post to contain it; I believe the author only reads/speaks german, so it might be useful. Making the thread Sticky would be wonderful, if the Mods see that fitting, too.

Also, a request - Only post to this thread if you are in agreeance with the petition; comments are permitted too. If you are against this thread and/or have questions/comments that are inquring about or being negatively placed about this petition, please create another thread titled RE: Petition to the Clony Author! and carry on those bits there. Thanks.

Addendum: Let everyone know about this thread/petition! And more importantly, let BxxxxJ know!

The following is a petition to the Author of Clony

Sir BxxxxJ,

You have made your contribution to the CD Writing community, which is noted; your efforts and time spent are your own and without duty. But it all comes down to the fact that lately, it has become apparent you are discriminating the help offered to expand Clony worldwide.

Now you cannot say your intention is only to serve to the German(?) community because you have allowed releases in other languages. But they are incomplete, literally neutered versions; what is a pen without the paper? There have been plenty that I have seen so far offer aid but to only be rejected.

I ask that you open up and let the people help you! Do not let Clony stagnate because you want the original to maintain dominance over the others!

What you want to do with your software is your choice I suppose but remember that Clony is only as famous as it’s users let it be. With that said, all posts/replies hereof are signatures and comments of acknowledgement and agreeance to this petition; to support the movement to a better Clony!

Eagerly awaiting,

Stradius & Associating Persons

A good idea but who speaks German here? I can read and understand it partially (I’m Dutch and the Germans are our neighbours) but I cannot write it. I’ll make this thread sticky and see if SirDavidGuy can help us.


I agree that something needs to be done to make Clony truly international i.e. whatever language you install it in is complete and accurate.

I am sure there are loads of people who would be willing to help out…I know I am…unfortunately being from the UK and our education system being what it is I only read/write/speak English (and not too well either :wink: )


Nice approach & I commend it but I don’t use Clony and believe it should be for inexperienced users only; but don’t think I’m detracting from its utility. Germany is where all good crackers/hackers/copy developers/whatever you want to call 'em, come from. I’m not surprised that a German speaker is the author. I’m going to move this to General Software and please don’t feel insulted, but that forum is well visited by a much broader range of members than the CloneCD Forum - you’ll get the feedback you desire.

There are only 3 major prots; I’ll take the time, here, to help you & others wean off Clony.

SafeDisc:[ul][li]Just about every burner, including the TEAC 55S can do SafeDisc.[]Start a read to disc with FES set to auto (default for game CD profile).[]If the errors start and it’s an older game then you know what you’ve got![]Rugby 2001 is a good (Rugby Playing Country!) example of SD (v1.45.011)[]The Sims is SD v2.10.030. AOE is SD v1.50.020.[/ul]SafeDisc 2:[ul][]Started with Red Alert 2. The Yuri patched .exe is SD v2.05.030. The unpatched .exe is v2.00.xx. A LOT of writers can do this prot version (even Samsung chipped Ricohs!). Same deal as SafeDisc but you need a writer that can ‘sort of’ do correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns. Hitman is SD v2.05.030, same as the patched RA2 and is not a soft touch[]Operation Flashpoint is SD v2.30.031 as a matter of interest and it was 2.3 that really needed a good EFM writer. SD v2.30.033 is found on Max Payne and is one of the first ‘hard’ SD 2 versions - it made more headlines than OFP for some reason, maybe popularity. The official patch takes MP to which has the notorious ATIP check[]Harry Potter was an early SD v2.4 (v2.40.010) but the ATIP check wasn’t really discovered until Madden NFL TM 2002 hit the stands (also SD v2.40.010). Ghost Recon is SD v2.40.010 as well[]Tiger Woods Golf was the last SD2 that we knew well at v 2.51.020 - Philips, Acers, Plextors could all do SD2 up to this version[]Medal of Honor Allied Assault, Serious Sam:SE, Renegade and others saw SD v2.51.021 - the killer protection. Count up the burner brands on one hand ladies & gents[/ul]SecuROM:[ul][]There is SecuROM & SecuROM new.[]new is just the ATIP check like SD[]Image to disk - no errors? Likely SecuROM - FES should be auto & subs should be “on”[]mount in Daemon’s Tools without emulation and see if it runs[]It runs? Likely no prot![]Won’t run? Switch on emulation - it runs? It’s SecuROM![/ul]LaserLock:[ul][]What a dog! (Unless you own an ASUS CRW-4012A hehe)[]Check my LaserLock sticky in the CloneCD experienced Forum to see what the log looks like[]Your log looks like mine? It’s LaserLock![/ul]Check the stickys in the CloneCD Forum - one day (sooner rather than later), we’ll turn 'em into a .pdf for your burning pleasure! (in NE1 can provide me with a pdf proggy, CDFreaks would be eternally greatful!)
ProtectCD: Hmmm…FES, both subs on the read, default on the write, EFM not required - just use the default game CD profile in v4!

Please respect the intention of the original author of this thread - post in CloneCD about my comments :wink:

Well, this is my vote yes.

I thiink you can prove that he really wants it t be only for german people.

When it was only released in german, it was packed, and had an interesting protection to keep the tab changes. Now that it is multi-lingual, it has not been packed at all.

small question:

what do you think can bejot change?
he doesn’t make the translations.
and he & crazyfacka (the guy who takes care about the translation for bejot and makes the eng. website)
arn’t able to check every translation.
(should they learn every language to check the translation !?!?!?!?!?)

if you need a better one, improve the existing ones.
the language file is a text file so you can easily edit it in any way.


Originally posted by InSOMniA

what do you think can bejot change?

Include ALL the text in the clx file.
For now in the translation file there is just about half all the text you can found in the whole prog.
If they managed to put half the text in a text-file, they could put the other half (copy protections desciptions, and other not translated words/ sentences still present)
And another important thing : change size of controls. In french language for example, you need more space. The controls do not fully display the translated text, a lot is truncated.
I think this would be a good start

By the way, I fully agree with this petition…

I’ve translated Clony into swedish (the parts that could be translated), and I’ve sent it to Bxxxxj. See if I get any response…

Why did I do that when there already is a swedish translation avalible?
Because that version SUCKED! I don’t use that word often but that tranlsation was really bad. It almost looked like it had been machine-translated.
There were word’s that doesn’t even exist!

If you want something done right, you’ll have to do it yourself! :wink:

(I’ve also been involved in the translation of Getright and some MP3 to CD converter I don’t wan to mention… That was my first translation and it was even worse then the one above… :))

Originally posted by Airhead
I’ve translated Clony into swedish (the parts that could be translated), and I’ve sent it to Bxxxxj. See if I get any response…

if you want i’ll add it to my website(s).
(look into my signature for my sites)


Please read my post carefully. The obvious that he is not able to make perfect translations, is not the issue. We don’t expect him to be able, however, people have offered complete versions and he’s rejected them. That is the issue at hand; he is purposely holding the complete translations back. Thus, this petition.

FutureProof - No problems at all. I am fairly new here and just posted the thread in CloneCD Forum based on my assumption. It’s all good :slight_smile:

i agree ^^

i am 100% in favour of this also. i extensivly use clony xxl and would love a full translation so i can understand more about it and the copy protections. i am unable to help with the translation though but i sign this petition to agree toa full translation!

First I’d like to have ClonyXXL actually run… :stuck_out_tongue:

After that, go ahead and completely translate it to English :slight_smile:

I fully agree with the whole concept of decent translations being submitted of ClonyXXL…

I am now sitting on the latest and best so far version in English with added buttons - that bring up the latest burner lists - help on ASPI - ATIP - etc etc…

This version has burnt some midnight oil…

Just waiting for the go ahead now to release it…

Steve M

i would completely agree with you guys, but until that happens check out this site it has a good proggy


Originally posted by kwkard
check out this site it has a good proggy

This is a 2 years old prog. It was nice at the moment, but is outdated now.

SpellChecker from the team, offered to translate into English, and received a short list of words and sentences that required translating, although we were capable of doing a full translation this is all that was asked of us.
For this we received a mention in the “hall of fame” on Clonys homesite, it would have been a greater achievement had we been allowed to do a full translation.

InSOMniA: I’ll send it to you when I get home.
Been away for a few days so I didn’t see your reply until now… :slight_smile:

A good idea but who speaks German here? I can read and understand it partially

This should be enough to use Clony…

but I cannot write it.

This is really not necessary for using Clony!

Everyone who learns (or tried to learn) German as a foreign language knows that its basic grammar is somewhat complicated, and its possible to be able to read it but to be unable to produce a single sentence.

why don’t you give scout 2.0 rc2 a chance?
it can do the same than clony.

and maybe it is better translated…
(don’t know exactly because i use the german interface)