Peter Pan

This is my first posting. I apologize in advance for any mistakes I may make. The only porgram I use is slysoft to copy DVD’s. I have so far been able to copy without any problems any movie by following your directions regarding problems that may come up. Peter Pan seems to write ok, but the copy doesnt play well. Or wont play at all. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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Most of times playback problems are due to a low quality disc or to a bad burned media. What discs are you using?

The same I usually use. Sony Dvd+R 120 mins, 4.7 GB, 1x- 16x. Not sure what information you need to tell.

Sony discs are not the very best, but are also not completely bad. Are you using single layer or dual layer discs?

What burner do you have? Can you run a transfer rate test (TRT) with CD-DVD Speed and post the pic here?

I would assume singe layer. It doesnt say other wise on the package. The quality in recording the other movies has been good. I am running the test now. How do I save the file when done binary, text, or html? Iam sorry to sound so ignorant, but I am. Please stick with me. Thank you.

To save the picture (preferably as PNG) simply click on the little icon with a floppy disc on the right high corner :slight_smile:

finally :slight_smile: here it is!

From the test the disc seems ok. At least your computer dvd-rom is able to read it perfectly.

What type of error do you get exactly with this disc? Is the standalone able to recognize the media?

You get the vey first disney tilte then it freezes. After this point you get a reading of “unreadable disc”. The copy I did get made was a rough copy. With studdering and static in the movie.

From the disc behaviour it seems a bad burned disc. What burner do you have? Maybe a scan can give more information.

the computer is only a few months old. its an HPa1467c.
DVD rw lightscribe double layer 16x drive + DVD-ROM

hmm I’m not sure that your burner supports scans.

Have you tried to burn again the movie on a different disc? Have you tried to clean the optical pickup of the standalone player?

By Different do you mean Brand? I have burned it about 6 time with 2 turning out watchable, not perfect as usual. Using the sony brand on each.

Change the booktype to dvd-rom and try a slower burn speed.

Please read fully
(especially steps 1-3)

This is another evidence that your problem is due to a bad burned media. Try with a verbatim. This should solve.

Another possibility is that you burned the disc at a wrong speed. At what speed have you burned the disc?

From the pic in post number #7 it seems that the booktype is already set as ROM :slight_smile:

Is that the source or the backup? If it’s the backup, my bad.

Anyway melmou please read fully

  1. Update your burner’s firmware if possible
  2. Try a slower burn speed
  3. Ensure the booktype of your backup is set to “dvd-rom”

Some of these steps are covered in the link I posted

As mentioned by geno888, you may want to try other blank media.

Is verbatim better then sony? what type of disc should I use? The speed in which it writes is what ever it came as I have not reset or changed it. Not sure if I know how to.

Verbatim media are better than Sony discs (with the exception of made in Japan ones, that are very good media).

Try with both plus and minus discs to see what give you better results in terms of compatibility for your standalone player.

If you buy 16x certified discs, try to burn first @12x or 8x: usually these speeds give the better results on these media :slight_smile:

Depends if the Sony you’re using is really Taiyo Yuden. Verbatim (CMC) does tend to be better than the average Sony blank, yes.

The speed in which it writes is what ever it came as I have not reset or changed it. Not sure if I know how to.

You stated you’re using Slysoft programs exclusively, so I’m guessing you’re using Clonedvd2. If you read step 17, you will know how to adjust burn speed:

will do thank you so very much. Can I ask one more question? How do you change it from booktype to dvd-rom. I figured out how to change the speed.