Peter O'Toole passed away

Star of Lawrence of Arabia, Becket, The Lion in Winter, The Stunt Man (very underrated film), Creator, and many other great movies has died at 81.

There were a lot of films he made that I enjoyed, even some of his lesser works, like How to Steal a Million (with Audrey Hepburn), and [I]My Favorite Year.

[/I]He was active and working still, even though he had announced his retirement over a year ago. :frowning:

Didn’t he start out in silent films.Or am I thinking of someone else.

Silent films? No, he began his film career in the late 50’s.

His style of acting was not for everyone. He was charismatic, larger than life, and at times overblown, but also memorable. Just watch [I]Lawrence of Arabia[/I], and see if its possible to forget the intensity of those blue eyes.

He was a very great actor with a bit of a mysterious past.

From what I gather not a lot is known about his early private life.


Peter O’Toole will be missed

As for his Movie “The Stunt Man”? one of my favorites

Nobody played a drunken lunatic better than Peter O’Toole

My favorite is and always will be “The Ruling Class”.


I enjoyed watching that so much I felt a bit cheated when it finished too soon. :slight_smile:

So for those that are interested here’s part 2.



Here’s another very entertaining clip I came across while looking for the above.