Let’s talk about Pete!

Who’s Pete? I don’t know yet, but with your help the whole world will know Pete as if he were your own brother!

How? Easy! With the aid of Google and other search engines and their spiders plus the huge popularity of the CdFreaks living room forum we can make Pete a happy man, a joyful man or a sick bastard. It is all up to you. Pete needs a lot of things in his life. He needs a last name and i wonder if he’s still married to Sally?

Have you any idea what might have happened to Pete? Perhaps we can make him famous and even use him as an excuse when some annoying person tries to visit you. “No, not know. I am going to talk to Pete!” “Who’s Pete?” “Pete’s cool”.

I gotta go now, Pete called if i want to join him to drink some beer tonight.
See yah!

DJ Pete Jester Savas DJ PeteJester” Savas, is a native “New York City Boy” living in Salt Lake City, Utah, who started DJing in 1984 …