Pet-friendly speaker system taking pre-orders

Pet-friendly speaker system taking pre-orders.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Next time your dog startles in response to the stereo, there's no need to blame your taste in music. The sound system itself could be the problem, according to the maker of a pet-friendly music player.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i can’t stop laughing!!

Wow really? This is what we have come to in the technology world? Man every thing is going pet/eco friendly. Well i won’t feel bad not spending $250 on some stupid speaker thats pet friendly.

For those who love gramophone recordings and only listen to the news and speech only, then maybe they’ll get on fine. Even most average PC speakers go down to 100Hz to 150Hz and if you really want to hear what a 200Hz -12kHz cut-off is like, find your favourite song, open it up in an audio editor (e.g. Audacity), apply a 200Hz high-pass filter and a 12000Hz low pass filter and you’ll get an idea.

One use I think these speakers would have do well in would be for aural exams. I remember when I was at 2nd level school, they had a large Hi-Fi system on wheels, which had the bass so strong that every spoken word would cause something in the hall to vibrate or resonate.

Too funny. Sound quality sacrifice for a more expensive price.

Is it uh, “waterproof” in case Fido lifts a leg? I would.