Pet Chicken

Ever want to get online and tell some guy dressed up in a chicken suit and garters what to do? Me neither, but u gotta see this.

p.s- “lay egg” and “pee” go interesting results

o l d

that has got to be one of the funniest things i`ve ever seen on t tinternet.

thanks Dr.Gee

At least someone hasnt seen it :confused:

i hadnt seen it Gee:D

good! Now I’m twice as pleased. :smiley: What did you have him do Norty?

i hadn’t seen it either, i had him dance :smiley:

I hadn’t seen it either. I said dance also. (My wife said picck his nose) he did it!

I haven’t seen it.

(a minute later)

Now I have. :slight_smile:

(a few more minutes later)

I agree with Mr. Belvedere. This is old. :bigsmile:

But still funny.

i told him to get a life:eek: (after i told him to sit on the loo)