Pesky Starforce and Trackmania

Hey guys, this is my first post here, so here goes! I just got Trackmania, and he managed to put a nice scratch in it, so it refuses to read half of the time now. I wanna back it up, but it has starforce and i have absolutely no idea how to copy it! I have burnt it with alcohol 120 on 4X on securerom new profile with raw doa and rmps off - these are some instructions i found on the net for making a 1:1 copy of it. I install the game, enter my serial, do all the other stuff, but when it comes to verifying the disc it can’t do it. I tried using things like starforce nightmare to no avail. Can anyone here help me beat this horrible protection?

Thanks alot guys.

Ohhh, very sorry guys, i got it going. I just made an image of it and mounted with d-tools and used starforce nightmare :rolleyes: