Peru crushes 50,000 pirated CDs with a steamroller

I just posted the article Peru crushes 50,000 pirated CDs with a steamroller.

Reuters reports that in Peru  the goverment is also making progress in fighting CD piracy, as they have  crushed about 50,000 pirated CDs with a steamroller. In Lima, the captial of the  country,...
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I thought CD’s were indestructable? Who told me that lie? Seriously though, Piracy is a major problem for many places in the world. Especially the poorer countries. I live in the UK and cannot afford £600 for Microsoft office for example so what chance do normal people living in Peru have? Manufacturers should price their products according to the market conditions.:g

Same problem here in Bolivia, You just cant buy origionals even if you have the money. and credit cards are for the rich not the middle class, poor people dont have pc’s they use one of the hundreds of internet cafs, playing… you got it pirate games. I would dearly love to buy some titles personaly… hitman 2 is worth every Boliviano. but where ??? tinku. :slight_smile:

They never have pictures for articles that’re begging for one

Chewing gum? This is Peru, not Singapore! :g And those artists dancing on the pieces had better be wearing thick shoes or they’ll have to spend the money they lost on sales on hospital bills. CDs are flat, they’ll survive the steamroller. So will the pirates.

From what i saw on tv it was a kiddy steam roller BOUNCING over a COUPLE of thousand CD’s. Where did they get that 50,000 number from? seems the Aliens have landed again rofl… Did you see all the kids waiting to pick up after they had finnished lol… tinku

pirated food? now thats a new one.

Well, I think I’ll start selling pirated air. That would make a good deal :stuck_out_tongue: