Personalized copies?


I’ve been reading this forum for very long, but I havn’t made a post yet. I know there are a lot of master burners on this forum so there would be someone who can help me.

I made some presentation CDs for my company where I work at. Around 150.
The data on all CD’s will be the same but what I wish to do is just to add some personalized data like the name and the surname of the user who will receive the CD. This is because if someone tries to copy it the data would write into the copy and we will be able to know who made it. I tried to insert some data into Joliet fields but I dont have a program who could read them.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you

Welcome to the forums!!!

My suggestion might be a pain in the @ss but Nero has a field where you can fill in data preparer, publisher, etc… and write someone’s name there. But this would be a different make for each person, obviously.

If these people are not too PC Saavy just make a text file, make it a hidden file, and burn it into each cd with each persons name that receieves it. Nobody will ever think to check for such a clever yet simple innovative idea.

The first way is unchangeable unless re-mastering the entire cd, the second is easy to change provided the person knows the hidden file is there.

Just checked, can only see Publisher and Application info via Nero info tool, I am unsure how to check data preparer and other criteria, but these two fields might be enough as of now fo ryou to check names.

Yeah, that’s great, thank you for your answer. I’ve noticed already that Nero has some Joliet fields like publisher, etc. to fill but I coundn’t find any programs that could read all the fields, anyway one field would be enough.

And thank you for the second sulution, very easy and creative.



Of course to be very beguile about it, implementiing both the idea’s I proposed would be even more effective.

Glad to help, do come back to cdfreaks :slight_smile: