Personal video devices to challenge personal music players

I just posted the article Personal video devices to challenge personal music players.

 With the wide 

range of portable audio devices available, many manufacturers are working on video portable devices as they predict video devices may start becoming hot sellers later this…

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I bike/walk almost everywhere. Until I can get a video screen on my sunglasses I don’t think i will invest in this. Oh and think of the DRM that is going to get involved if this does become popular.

But think of the OPPORTUNITY to over come the DRM…that’s why DVDJon was put on this earth!

Lets see a TV, a PDA, mp3 player, a cell phone, Video player. FOr crying out loud throw that garbage out. Go hiking or read a book.

imagine sitting on a train watching a movie on one of these things, then ya get beaten up for ya player? its an advert using these things to say “hey steal my expensive player”. Music players ya put in a hideen place so all you can see if ya earplugs (which most iPod users use non iPod earplugs to hide the fact they have a player that costs a bit on em).