Personal/portable dvd players?

Hey gents,
A friend is looking for a small, portable dvd player. Any suggesions on a decent one? I think a 7" screen (maybe 5"?) and good battery life are the important criteria. If anyone has one or has researched them lately, I’d like to hear your comments.

I use a Durabrand DUR-1700, which came from Wally World at a cost of around US $160. It’s made by Initial of China. It appears to have the same operating system as some of the APEX players.


7" (wide) Screen
3 Hour battery
All the cords you’d ever need, car and home
Plays NTSC, PAL, VCD, SVCD, DVD, Raw MPEG, Audio CD, etc, etc.
Converts to Region-free fairly easily.
Coaxial audio output, with appropriate external decoder.


Battery hangs off back - but appears to be a standard battery type.
Built in speakers suck.
Has issues with LPCM sound on home-authored DVDs.
Very rarely will not see a disc until restarted.

All in all, it’s been a good player and has held up well. I don’t travel much with it, but it gets carried around the house a lot, and has been dropped on the floor a few times. All said, it’s not going to blow you away in quality, but it does the job.