Personal Copy Protection



Does anyone know how to make a uncopyable copy of a cd? I know that you can make it so
that the TOC get corrupt and make it impossible to copy but you can always just
grab the files off the cd and burn it from your hard drive. Is their anyway to make it so that you cant copy from HD? thanks!



Does anyone else have any suggestions? Im like basically looking fer a program that
wont let someone reburn my burns. So like
i can protect direct cd 2 cd but i need to protect HD to CD…



yes I would like to now that!!!
maby it could with cd protector try this one at


I REALLY HOPE IT DOESN’T EXIST !!! :slight_smile:
…Most of the time we’re trying to crack these protections, hehehe (if you do find it, don’t send it to any manufacturer :slight_smile: )


Does anyone know where i could get a copy
of “safe disk” or some other type of cd protection which will make it so that if
u dont use a program like CloneCD to make a perfect cd copy then it wont work?


Unfortunately no matter what protection u use to protect your cds it’s never a 100% copy proof, if it was was then games manufacturers would be using it and we wouldn’t be able to back up their games.


Ch5 Micky


How to create your own copy-protected CD
see this url for more info


You must try FreeLock (at www.gamecopyworld!))
It was originally made to protect PSX-cds’s but it also works great for pc-games!

it creates a number of illigal tracks at the end of the cd…up to 95 MINUTES!

But then again, you don’t have a HD to CD protection…CD-Protector 3 is really the only program I know of, making your cd copyprotected!

Ivo’s Linkpage:


thanks, but freelock is supposidly not
compatible with my HP 8100 series =(


CDProtector is a CDR utility program that help you to create your own copy-protected CD