Persisting Freedb Error

No matter how many times I ask this question nobody answers!
Nero never conncects to the internet database when I make a cd copy.
It never finds the titles. The error message is as following:
“Sorry, Nero could not receive any information from the Internet database because of a network error”

Do you have a firewall? Perhaps it is blocking Nero. That is what the error message seems to imply.

Nero uses a shared database for gathering CD Information. If the database is down or unreachable, you can simply choose a different or closer server.

By default, Nero 5 uses the following (found under “File”->“Preferences”->“Database”):
Read Server (http):
Address: /~cddb/cddb.cgi

I found that sometimes this “Read Server” was overwhelmed, so I switched it to a mirror site:
Read Server (http):
Address: /~cddb/cddb.cgi

A list of world-wide mirrors is available at this link: