Persistent read errors with brand new 716SA

yes…just like the original poster, i ran the self-diagnostic test with a verbatim 8x dvd-r (in the recommended list) and the disc got ejected afterwards. so the test it is also successful.

i have this burner
I have no problems
try tu use the firmaware revision 1.07 maybe that works

i just found out that the reading problem vanishes when i leave the jumper and therefore disable dma. so i conclude that the plextor website concerning the recommended controllers is probably faulty. i wrote an email to plextor support with this information. we’ll see what the say.

Sorry, but I do not think that the self-diagnostic test can rule out every possible hardware failure within the drive. Are you sure that it tests reading at all?

i agree. i also don’t think that the self-diagnostic test can rule out every possible hardware failure. however, it does also read. here is what the manual says:

This tests three functions of the drive: writing at maximum speed,
continuous playback at maximum speed, and random access.


some weeks ago, I built up my new computer with an ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe and a Plextor DVD PX-130A reader (PATA). The motherboard has an NVIDIA nForce4 northbridge with an integrated PATA/SATA controller. After installing w2k with a pre-made PATA/SATA driver disk from the original CD coming with the motherboard (my one hd is SATA) I wasn’t able to install one single application from any CD. Every installation aborted with a message like “broken installation file”. Even uncompressing a zip file was impossible.
Searching the web it got clear that some versions of the PATA/SATA drivers for the nForce4 are buggy, also the one that came with the mainboard.
So, I installed a version that’s told to be ‘stable’ (5.10.2600.507, for PATA and SATA). After that everythings works fine.
In the next few weeks I’ll gonna try a PX-716SA with my board. I won’t test a lot with it, but immediately upgrade to firmware 1.07 and see if it works.
BTW, the A8N-SLI Deluxe and the PX-716SA are known to have some problems with older firmware versions.


Thanks for the info maddi, and welcome to the forums :wink:

I upgraded and now my plextor 716sa is flawless.
I never blamed the drive. I blamed the adaptec controller. LOL

Nevertheless, I have a msi neo4 k8n sli platinum running on the silicon image 3112 chipset in a raid configuration. It works FLAWLESSLY!!

oNE reason I chose the msi over the asus is the silicon image chipset on sata ports 5 and 6.

This drive is fast!

NOw if only I could figure out why farcry won’t install off it . :stuck_out_tongue:

All my other games install just fine.

use the microsoft ide drivers for the sata port your drive is attached to.
I’m running a neo4 platinum non sli. I have the nvidia driver for sata port 1 and 2 (hard drives) and the microsoft drivers for port 3 and 4 (plextor 716sa)
running perfectly nvidia (sata prots). Just make sure you dont have any extreme bends in your cables and stay away from the ones with the 90 degree angles built in and of course use the microsoft standard dual channel ide driver and your problems may dissapear.
On a side note my sata hard drive was getting errors with ncq (native command queing) activated . The silicon image works on the msi neo4 platinum also but then you can’t boot from cd. Try what i described above it worked on my neo2
platinum ms7025 also. Hope it helps!!!

i don’t have an nvidia sata controller, but a promise sata2150 tx4. therefore i have the promise driver installed. how can you select which driver to use for a port?? i just have a single driver for the controller installed. i don’t no what you mean with changing the driver for a single port.

also i have disabled ncq now, but there is no change.

My Drive does that when it reaches the 13-16x read speed. Therefore i dont use it to rip i Have a second drive for that. Im using the neo platinum MSI motherboard. I think the drive cant handle the RPM at spinning 13-16x and it starts shooting faulty data that it never can recover from. Untill you stop and start again. But it will do the same thing over when it gets to the 13x range again. My Advice get a 25 dollar drive to rip with or if you need that Plextor Fast RIpping power get a 712 IDE.

Plextor rushed out a crappy drive that doesnt live up to the name!!!

Why are you guys thinking its something other then the plextor drive. The 716sa is a very bad drive. Plain and simple Rushed out without the final touches thats it. They wanted to be one of the first with an SATA 16x burner out. And they made a poor quality product. Send your drives back if you can and just get the IDE models or find a different company i hear the benQ is really coming up latley.

SATA drives are not well supported by many motherboard bioses or SATA controller drivers yet. More compatible would be an ATAPI drive.

Please update your motherboard bios and sata controller drivers from your motherboard mfgr.

Unfortunately, many SATA mfgrs still test almost exclusively with HD’s and not with other devices yet.

@hondablaster. Plextors above reply seems pretty clear to me, this has been brought up and hashed over many times. Anyone who is toying with the idea of getting a Plextor S ATA drive should research the compatibilty with his or her PC before taking the final plunge and buying one. People here who had no compatibility issues say thier S ATA version works just fine.:slight_smile:
One would hope that all the chipset manufactures would have a few Plextor S ATA drives to test and make compatible with the new chipsets they develop. Make good buisiness sense to me.

What about the super duper slow buring in the 716 series drives i Burn DVD ISOs all day and they all take forever.

I think its funny when i do DVD/CD speed the drive burns a disk in 6:01 minutes.

When i burn one of my DVD movie ISO they can either A: Go fast or B: the drive makes a shifting gears sound and takes forever.

For example this burn on Verbatim 16 DVD-R took 13 minutes to complete. While the burn before that took only 8. Im not touching the computer i got all backround software OFF (virus scans etc) I dont get it. Why ups and downs all the time.