Persistent DW1655 Burn Errors



Hi everyone,
I was googling for a solution to my problem and I found this place. I ask for your help with a problem. I have the BENQ LS DW1655 and everytime I burn a CD or a DVD I get multiple errors when verifying the disk with Nero. If the disk contains music or video files there seems to be no issues with playback but whenever there are zip archives on the disk there’s always a file or two that can’t decompress because of a CRC error. I’ve tried reinstalling my system, using different kinds of DVD-R and DVD+R media (TDK, HP, Sony) and different speeds but the problem is always there. I have a Soyo Dragon 2 Platinum Ed. motherboard, P4 3.0 GHz, Corsair 1 GB memory. How can I solve this problem? Thanks in advance for all the help.


Hmmm, that is an interesting one. Has the problem come up on more than one burner or can you try the burner in another system? Have you tried another burning program to see if the same problem happens?


Sometimes verification errors can be caused by errors in the systems memory. You might give Memtest86 a try just to be sure your memory is running properly if Ssseths suggestion doesn’t help.:slight_smile:


Certain earlier versions of Nero seemed unable to verify correctly.

You could try ImgBurn which has verification and does do it correctly. If this still fails then there is a real problem.


Well, i figured it out. I knew that one of my memory sticks was faulty but everything worked fine with it. A while ago when I took out the faulty one and burned a disk it still came up with errors so I thought it was something else. Now i tried it again and it burns fine with that faulty stick out. It’s the memory for sure. Luckily Corsair will replace it but I have to find some temporary memory to use while the Corsair sticks are in service. Thanks for your help.