Persistant Clone Error Message

Persistant Clone Error Message
I am frequently running into the following error message when attempting to “backup” DVD’s

I use Clone DVD with Anytime

Error message “IFOFORMAT 12 IFOFORMAT 5 TCE”

Any suggestions:

What version of CloneDVD and AnyDVD? Are they the latest.

Are you following the Guide here?

I have the most current versions and have followed the “Guide” except that I have not used “Daemon”

I am writing to a Plexor PX-7-8A/SW

I appreciate your quick response but unfortunately I am still having the problem. Any other idea

Originally posted by joeycam1

Error message “IFOFORMAT 12 IFOFORMAT 5 TCE”

Where exactly is this error happening? At the preview screen or later?

Is ‘preserve menus’ enabled or disabled?

It occurs 5 to 10 seconds after beginning the preparation to burn to disk. I do have the “preserve menus” turned on.

You will have seen on another post that I have discovered what appears to be a form of “mechanical” copy protection. A small ring about 1/4" in diameter near the beginning tracks of the original. It appears to be there intentionally. Funny thing is that it has no impact on my DVD players.