Perpetual Driver Crashes while watching Blu Ray and HD DVD


I am experiencing perpetual driver crash and recoveries while watching HD DVD and Blu ray movies using Power DVD 7.3 and Power DVD 8 Ultra. I have an HD 2600xt 512mb AGP video card. I thought this topic was slightly different then others I have found due to the repeating crash and recoveries that the display dirver would go through.

I took some time and started with the drivers supplied by HIS. Then updated to the drivers offered on the ATI website and the driver crashes and recoveries persisted. Movie playback shudders and eventually causes power dvd to shut down on any and all of my movies.

I took some more time and sifted through the endless FAQ’s on the ATI website and found the ‘AGP Hotfix.’ I installed this patch and the driver crashes and recoveries continued.

I have included with this post a Directx diagnostic log to full fill any needed information about my computer. Please note that the driver listed in the dxdiag is different then the listed driver in the device manager. Dxdiag lists my display driver at 7.15.0010.0119 and the device manager lists the display driver at 8.512.0.0.

I have searched and read a lot about the VIA Chipset issues with the GGC-H20L. I have a VIA South bridge/sata controller, but as I progressed through all the events I explained, Blu Ray disks play fine now, but the second I throw Transformers (HD DVD) in, the player shudders, locks up, and crashes. I am still worried that Blu Ray disk playback is going to be random as well. I have only been able to start 6 different movies, but not watched one all the way through yet.

The GGC-H20L frimware is at version 1.03 and all of the software that came with the drive is installed.

I am going to keep adding things as I remember them.

Thank you for your time.

Update: Blu-ray disks do not play back flawlessly, when MCE is running in the background, the movie pauses, then restarts again after a few moments. I am guessing this is the same driver crash and recovery process that is taking place.

Which blu-ray movie did you try? There are some new blu-ray movies eq Jumper that stutters a bit due to the new BD+ and PowerDVD can’t cope with it (they play perfectly fine on standalone blu-ray players)

The VIA chipset is probably the issue as you can read from many threads/posts here because it cannot provide enough bandwidth for optical drives (it is fine for harddisk drives).

I have gone through my entire BD library and each once except 4 movies experienced about the same symptoms: Playback stutters a few times here and there and a driver crash takes place maybe twice a movie, but the movie does play through… most of the time. The worst scenario is playing Spider Man 2. This movie is impossible to get started.

List of BD Titles: Pirates of the Caribbean 1,2,&3. Spider Man 1,2,&3. Casino Royal, Gone in 60 seconds, Fifth Element, Surfs Up, National Treasure 1,2. Reign of Fire, and The Prestige, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Now for the HD DVD portion of my library:
[I]Transformers:[/I] starts and proceeds to the main menu through previews etc. Once started the film immediately stops and a driver crash takes place. [I]This movie was the only reason I got into HD Content.[/I] Driver crash happens two more times and Power DVD crashes.—> Restart the computer.
[I]Beowulf:[/I] Seems to have the same problems as Transformers. Stops and picks back up again every few seconds, then crashes Power DVD.
[I]Tokyo Drift:[/I] Same as Transformers
[I]Swordfish:[/I] Play flawlessly. I can even skip chapters, fast forward and reverse.
[I]Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow:[/I] Froze during in the Main Menu, Immediately froze after the move started. Recovered, then crashed.
[I]Aeon Flux:[/I] Played great for a bit, skipped to a few scenes and it was great, then it stopped, recovered, and stopped again. Then failed.
[I]Batman Begins:[/I] Same as Transformers.
[I]King Kong:[/I] Same as Transformers.

So… Why is playback worse and random when using HD DVD?

Does recording the playback events for each movie really matter or is the system over all unstable?

Why would the vid card have driver issues if it was the BD/HD DVD player that was not able to send enough bandwidth?

I don’t know what to do now.

I went sifting through the bios of my motherboard and found that the SATA controller can be set to IDE Mode. Is this a similar setting that would be done when using a PCI Sata Controller? Or could the VIA SATA controller still be having a problem with the optical drive?

The motherboard is a K8M800 Micro AM2: ModelInfo

I highly recommend these drivers…

You don’t need any of the ATI’s AGP hotfix rubbish after installing these, to get them correctly installed you may need to use DriverSweeper to get rid of your current driver set. Solved all my 2600xt, although I was using an Intel chipset.

Thank you very much wmsteele. I will try these tomorrow.

I usually rip my DVD’s to disk, but for once I just wanted to throw one in. I am experiencing the same driver crashes watching DVD’s. So this scenario concludes that these problems are not exclusive to HD content… I don’t know what this means, but it is an important update to this string of problems.

While I try the Omega Drivers, I already have a Rosewill RC-201SATA controller. Does anyone know if this controller is flashable? Is it a good idea to attempt to use the GGC-H20L with this contoller after it is flashed?

BREAKTHROUGH: Transformers plays back smooth and with all capabilities (menu pop up, ch. skip, etc.) [I]Unfortunatly[/I] the solution was discovered with something I dont understand and[I] ultimatly the system is running incorrectly.[/I]

The motherboard’s sound driver and vid card audio driver both exist. By default I disabled the motherboard’s audio driver because the audio would not be sent through the HDMI cable. After doing so, all the problems prior to this post took place. Today I installed Vista’s Service pack 1. The update enabled the motherboards audio driver, thus I tested out HD playback. Even though I could not hear anything, the movie played back smooth as silk!. I am confused though, why is it when both drivers are enabled the video plays back?

As of right now I am watching Transformers using audio out of the motherboard, [I]but without the ability to send audio and use HD audio streams via HDMI. This needs to be fixed.[/I]

It is a VIA based mobo, so no real surprise you got into trouble…

Understood chef, but would the VIA chipsets have anything to do with conflicting audio drivers?

As of right now both audio drivers are enabled and the motherboard audio drivers are overtaking the vid card audio drivers… seems so weird that an audio driver would cause all the issues mentioned in this thread.

[quote=Snooze;2114917]The motherboard’s sound driver and vid card audio driver both exist. By default I disabled the motherboard’s audio driver because the audio would not be sent through the HDMI cable. [/quote]Wait, there is a audio processor in your ATI HD2600XT? How do you enable audio driver on the video card?

As of right now I am watching Transformers using audio out of the motherboard, [I]but without the ability to send audio and use HD audio streams via HDMI. This needs to be fixed.[/I]
Does your motherboard or HD2600XT have HDMI output?

Wait, there is a audio processor in your ATI HD2600XT? How do you enable audio driver on the video card?

I asked the same question… but did not think much past that. See attachment: There are two audio devices listed. If I disable the Realtek Audio drivers(on motherboard), then the sound comes through the HDMI output on the video card and I get horrible playback experiences as written about prior. If both devices are enabled, as seen on the attachment, then audio only comes through the motherboard and I get perfect video playback with both BD and HD-DVD.

Prior to the vid cards existence, there is only one sound device listed in the Device Manager: the motherboards audio.

Does your motherboard or HD2600XT have HDMI output?

HD2600XT has the HDMI output. Motherboard does not.

Discovering the audio driver situation was luck, but there seems to be something significant about them…

Snooze, you still there? :smiley:

I have ATI HD 2400Pro and never use the HD Audio since it never work for me. However I just found some insights after small research.

The ATI HD 2000, 3000 and 4000 series do have integrated audio controller. The HD2000 and 3000 series only support 5.1 Dolby Digital and 2 channel PCM. The HD4000 series (HD4850 or 4870) support HD Audio up to 7.1 Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD.

The thing is, current typical DVI to HDMI adapter does not carry audio. The solution is to get ATI adapter that can handshake with the board to enable audio from the DVI port.

This HIS DVI to HDMI Adapter for HD 2400, 2600 and 2900 series is one example.

Looking at the pic (borrowed from newegg), it looks like a standard dual link DVI adapter:

And this is typical DVI adapter (single link) with 6 pins missing compared to the above.

So maybe you can check what kind of DVI adapter you have connected? And if you do have the correct adapter, your problem maybe due to the selected sound format, ie your HD2600XT can only support 5.1 DD and 2CH audio so if you select an HD Audio then it will not work properly.

Unfortunately Transformers HD DVD uses 5.1 DD+ so that might be the problem. Try other movies and select a 5.1 DD (not DD+) and see if that works well. Let us know!

Still Here :slight_smile:

The HIS DVI to HDMI Adapter you suggested is the one that came with the card, so that is the one I am using.

Bringing up the Audio compression rate is really smart. Good research and I thank you for your time and effort.

I disabled the motherboards audio driver and I am testing out the playback of Swordfish HD DVD, which labels its audio stream as “Dolby Digital-Plus 5.1” I am 20 minutes into the film and it has not stuttered yet.

I am going to start National Treasure BD next which labels it’s audio stream as “English 5.1 Uncompressed” and “English 5.1 Dolby Digital.” Then I will try the movie Surfs Up BD testing both audio streams labeled as “English PCM 5.1 (Uncompressed)” and “English Dolby True HD 5.1” Afterwards I will test Casino Royal BD which has “English PCM 5.1” and “English 5.1”

Is the acronym “PCM” the same as “uncompressed” and do these terms fall under Dolby Digital + audio streams? I noticed the terms were used either alone or together.

Also, If I am using the OEM Software that came with the GGC-H20L the audio being used is 2CH. Does this mean that the 2channels are compressed/uncompressed the same way the native audio stream is off of the disk? This is the software that I was using when experiencing all problems previously posted.

I have played some of the movies in Power DVD 8 Ultra, but seemed to have the same problems. For now I will stick with testing the movies out using the OEM Software.

Swordfish HD DVD has one audio stream: “Dolby Digital Plus 5.1”. This movie played back flawlessly…

National Treasure BD has two audio streams. “5.1 Dolby Digital Uncompressed” and “5.1 Dolby Digital.” The movie defaulted using Dolby Digitial 5.1 and the movie playback was flawless. However when switching to 5.1 Dolby Digital Uncompressed the movie played back just as well, but with a stuttering static sound that seemed to be in the background. This sound would be too annoying to watch an entire movie.

Surfs Up BD has two audio streams. “PCM 5.1(uncompressed)” and “Dolby Digital True HD 5.1.” The movie defaulted to Dolby Digital True HD and was resulting in the same audio interference as National Treasure using 5.1 Dolby Digital Uncompressed and played back fine. When switching the audio stream to PCM 5.1(uncompressed) the movie played back flawlessly.

Casino Royal BD has two audio streams. “English PCM 5.1(uncompressed)” and “English 5.1.” The movie defaulted to English 5.1 and playback was flawless. I switched the audio to English PCM (uncompressed) and the movie played back flawlessly.

So, The BD titles seem to be following a trend of not being effected by the audio signal for video playback, but effected when playing uncompressed audio in one movie and effected when playing Dolby Digital True HD in another… Seems that there is no trend here.

Now for the HD DVD titles. I already tried Swordifsh, but I thought I would take a look at a few others since I was having most of my problems with HD DVDs.

Transformers HD DVD has one audio stream. 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus. Movie playback was surprisingly taking place this time, but was unstable and the audio sounded worse than what was experienced with National Treasure
Transformers BD* has one audio stream. 5.1 Dolby True HD. Movie Playback was unsuccessful, so I switched the audio to French 5.1 Dolby Digital and movie playback was successful, but unstable in the beginning.

Beowulf HD DVD has one audio stream. 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus. Movie Playback was successful, but the audio had the same effect as Transformers HD DVD.

Aeon Flux has two audio streams. 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus and 5.1 DTS. The movie defaulted to 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus and movie playback was successful, but with small artifacting. I swithed the audio to 5.1 DTS and playback was also successful with the same artifacting.

Batman Begins has two audio streams. 5.1 Dolby True HD and 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus. The movie defaulted to Dolby Digital Plus and movie playback was successful. I switched the audio to Dolby True HD and movie playback was fine. I almost noticed no difference.

Again it seems that the audio streams are not following a trend. I wish they had because that would of been an easy diagnosis. I have many more movies and I tried to select a few that had a divers palot of audio streams. Also, 3 weeks ago I tested a few of these movies and was experiencing different effects in playback. For example I could not get Batman Begins to plat at all 3 weeks ago.

Anyways. There are your results concerning different audio streams.


Any thoughts on the info I have posted? Are there any audio updates for ATI HDMI Audio?

I am starting to loose interest because I recently purchased a DFI LP JR 790GX motherboard with ATI 3300 onboard graphics. Right now I am using it simply as a rendering machine with an AMD9950 cpu. This motherboard comes with optical out, so when school is over this set up will become the hub of my media network.

However the money was still spent on the hardware commented in this forum, so I would love to use this system without the HD audio driver seemingly crashing the system.