Permanently saving DVR recordings

Is there a way I can permanently save a show I have on my DVR I have Dish as a provider and I was on the news and want to save the memory

You won’t be able to access the file on the hard drive of the DVR. It will be encrypted.

I believe Dish will allow you to move recorded items to an external drive, but they are tied to the original DVR and encrypted also.

You might be able to record the program when playing it back, using a DVD recorder, but DVD recorders are scarce these days.

DVRs often have copy protection built into the playback output (e.g. macrovision) but you might be able to record it using a computer with a tv or digital video card (check the outputs from your DVR and see what sort of card matches). If you get really bad interference from the recording software, you could try a screen grabber which will record anything that you can play through the video card of your PC. For more help on this is always worth a look.

Failing that, there’s the age-old standby of pointing a video camera at your tv whilst you play it. If you use a tripod and do it late at night when it’s quiet, the results can be surprisingly good.

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One thing you could do right now is first making a disk image and deal with the encryption anytime later.

ATM,your best bet to record movies from an encrypted DVR is to find a hdmi splitter which defeats HDCP (usually Chinese brands :bigsmile: ).and split the DVR’s signal to a capture card and your TV…but recording will only happen in realtime…

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