Permanent Booktype Setting for GGC-H20L?



Is there anyway to to set the booktypes to DVD-Rom and keep them that way with the GGC-H20L? Everytime I restart my system the booktype settings go back to normal.


You can use imgburn to set the booktype.


I’ve tried DVD Decrypter but after I restart the computer it changes back to Normal and will no longer set discs to DVD-Rom automatically. I have to go back into Drive Tools and reset it. I’ll give image burn a shot but isn’t it basically DVD Decrypter without the DVD ripping?


Imgburn much is more than dvd Decrypter.


Have you read this. Just download the bitset utility, run the “install.bat” file and then reboot. My LG drive now has bitsetting from the start.


I’ll try it…thanks